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SHORT STORY: Part VI In The Beginning...

In The Beginning...
©Mimi Wolske, March-April 2014
All Rights Reserved

"They told me your real name," Renardo Gumbo shouts from about twenty paces behind me.

Unable to think of anything else to say and not yet ready to admit who I am, I shout over my shoulder, "You need a shave." I lead them away from the bright lights and forward to some nameless city filled with a race of souls that have quit their bodies; away from the Reptilians and Greys and everything they represent.

Before us lies a painted scene, not picturesque but a growing ruin by destructive artists in the sky that are preparing for the artistic climax. No living human will paint this historic scene shown by soft moonlight with vaporous nimbus clouds hovering over fallen cities. I wonder if they'll record the decadence and the ferocity of this day that is driven by reptiles and beings with large, intense, black eyes. Or will the new artists show the ruins in a murky moonlight with emaciated priest-like beings and reptiles in their ornate armor in the cursed upper air with a primitive-like human standing in the pillars with members of the elder Whites race.

"Gunn," he hollers, and runs to catch up with me.

I ignore the name. I refused to return with the other Whites to Sirona, but she knows this is where I belong. I once was called Gunn, or War, and I was always the first on any battlefield.

He passes and then turns to face me, and walks backwards with ease. He doesn't even bother to turn and check if there's anything on the ground that will trip a couple of dead bodies a few feet away. I guess he trusts me to warn him. "Is it true? You're a valkyrie?"

"You're a valkyrie? " Kaarat asks. "Wow. I mean holy dying soldier wow! Imagine me traveling with a goddess. Hey, why aren't you up in some sort of special kingdom?"

I roll my eyes.

"Can you really transfer to other dimensions?" Ren asks.

Suddenly he appears. I know him and why he has come. Ragnarok is the White chosen by my mother, Sirona, to be my mate.

I should have known you would be here, on this final battlefield," Ragnarok thinks, and he glides toward us. Of course, everyone stops and stares. Ren swings around to face to face him.

I relinquish the deceased warrior I collected since I came to the top. They will prepare to become fighters with Ragnarok when he advances in the immense battle. Ragnarok, I turn my warrior collection over to you for you to escort yourself to Hall of Slain.

I'm not here to collect warrior souls, Gunn. I am here to escort you back to your mother and our people. We will be mated before I go to fight this final battle.

Ren steps between me and Ragnarok and says, "What's going on? Who is that, Morgan?"

"He has come to unify those warriors of earth with those from the sky," I say, unable to tell him that he is to be my mate. Schizbo! I think I'm going to have to tell Ren that he is the one I love and not this god.

In a voice filled with awe, Kaarat says, "That's Ragnarok, isn't it."

My head offers a quick, responsive jerk to confirm what I know she is thinking. "Look, there is a way to beat these aliens and survive. One of you must gain all the knowledge you can."

"I can do it," Ren offers without a thought.

"You don't know what you're saying," Kaarat complains. "You only want to impress Mor-Gunn."

She looks up at me, concern written in every line on her face. "Tell us the Catch 22."

I hesitate, but her question is fair...and wise. It's good to know the probable outcome before you go into any battle. "I can't linger here much longer. The battle has accelerated and already Loki, Freyr, and Odin have died."

Ragnarok nods. He's sensed the same deaths. Will you tell them what will happen to whomever acquires such knowledge?

I give him an affirmative nod and turn to Ren and Kaarat. "Any human gaining specific knowledge will go insane before they are able to document what they learn."

The Whites are on this planet to help the human beings survive, I want to add. Being half human, I certainly have a large stake in their survival. We came thousands of years ago to help this planet and any intelligent life that was found. I have been the first on the battlefields and among the first to collect the deceased since my existence.

"Is this the end? The doom of the gods?" Kaarat is more knowledgeable than Ren. She might just survive.

Tell them about the Reptilians who came to this planet shortly after we arrived. Ragnarok thinks.

What? And let them know that the Morning Star, the Great Deceiver, is real? Don't you think that would scare them?

It will make them stronger to know how we made them bipedal snakes when we learned they were using the human beings as a source of their needed nutrients.

Ragnarok, I can't tell them. I won't.

Shall I give you a reason? he threatened.

Instantly, he makes Cap appear. Ren, stunned, can't move.

Kaarat says, "What? Another human to protect or will he fight the Greys and the Reptilians with us?"

Why, Ragnarok?

Tell them and I will go back to Sirona and explain you are needed on the battlefield. I won't force you to marry me. I understand your thoughts, Gunn. But, don't tell them and I will take you without concern for your affection for that human man. You know I can."

"What's going on Morgan?" Cap asks.

Ren runs to him and forgets he's a man and hugs Cap. It's sort of like watching him hold that alien baby all over again.

"Cap!" he says and it almost sounds like adoration, like love, as if Cap is his father.

Again, I feel my love for Ren being tested. How much do I have to give so this human man can live? How much for all three of my friends to survive this battle? I let Ragarok know I agree. He leaves and I tell these three everything...well, everything about the Reptilians and the Greys that I think they should know.

Were all sitting around with only a small light Cap brought with him to give us any light. I say, "The rest of what there is to know, one of you has to learn yourself."

Cap looks solemn. "It's just what people have been quoting for centuries."

"What?" Ren asks.

"About the heavens being on fire and dissolving and the elements melting." He looks at each one of us. "God help us if the fate of this planet is in our hands."

"Mor-Gunn," Kaarat says, "Could this learning task be divided? I mean, what if each one of us learns about a third or what is needed to know? Couldn't we then put it into a computer and share it with the heads of military for this planet so we could fight and destroy these aliens?"

"That's a clever idea," Cap says, and compliments Kaarat before I can respond.

"I cannot stay with you much longer. Humans all over this planet are dying and so are the gods. It is past time that I must go and collect the ones who will join Ragnarok. I can only say Kaarat's idea is worth trying because what I failed to tell you all is that you all might die whether you have all the knowledge or not. I have no way of knowing or of protecting you. But, if you call me...if you would even just think my name, I promise to be with you instantly until the end."

Kaarat comes to me and hugs me. It's the only time she has been able to do this as I am sitting as she stands. Her mouth is close to my ear and she whispers for my ears only, "I just wanted to let you know you didn't kill my boyfriend. I think it was a Grey who murdered him."

I place my hand on her head and take her into my confidence and let my knowledge of life and history become hers. Why? Because I find her to be the most esoteric and advanced of all humans.

To Be Continued

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