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SHORT STORY: In The Beginning... Part V

In The Beginning...
©Mimi Wolske, March-April 2014
All Rights Reserved

I hear breathing and I don't realize it's mine until I lift my head and see the vaporous cloud rising. I exhale and a cold puff escapes from my open lips. I can't believe what I'm seeing in my hand. The latest weapon of destruction my two peoples have ever made in a joint effort.

Then I realize the vaporous cloud is coming from that weapon and not from me. I lower my hand and my eyes follow the angle of the blasted killer I'm holding.

Oh, no, no, no, no, nooooo.

Eyes open and staring at me with a blank expression, the human on his back has a hole in his forehead. His lips are parted slightly and they give the appearance of someone who was smiling and never knew what hit him. He fell backwards. I know that because one of his legs is bent at the knee and tucked awkwardly under his body. He's wearing a jacket of down...I can smell the feathers from where I stand. The hood of his jacket is caught between his neck and the ground. It's soaked red. Then I notice the dark pool.


I move around him; studying him; studying the hole I put just above his nose. His hands are palm down on the dirt. A Glock from the twenty-first century lies under one.

I exhale and lift my head to look around.

I remember being angry at Sirona for trying to control my life and take Ren away from me. I remember thinking myself back to the top and onto land. No wonder I can see my breath. It's cold here even for me.

It's night and no one else is around. Well, except for about a thousand dead bodies on the ground. I exhale a long, beautiful vapor. It's not cold enough here yet to freeze it.

Holy schizbo! I couldn't have killed all of these humans. I like humans. I'm half human.

Then I sense her. A woman hiding behind the corner of the building across the road.

"It's okay," I call. "You're safe."

I barely have time to move, that how quickly she steps out, holds up her weapon, points it at me, and fires. It's one of those things they used to call an automatic and a round of bullets follows me to a pile of rubble.

I exhale. Civilization going to pieces. Fine!

Another round whizzes near my shoulder when I try to lift my head to see where she is. The temperatures in this town along the ice-free coast range from eighteen to forty-five degrees Fahrenheit across the seasons. It was probably around twenty degrees the night the war between the Reptilians and the Greys began. It wasn't much warmer tonight.

"You alien! You murdered him and now I'm going to murder you!"

Ahhh, the woman has a voice. I fire my weapon in the air above me...just to let her now I have a bit more power than she. I exhale. This isn't going to end well unless I just vanish.

"Hey, I am half human! Besides, we're the good guys!"

I should go back down and get Ren, but I'm sure the Whites are laying in wait for me to do just that. She's fired sixteen shots, there's only one left. Then I hear her put a new cartridge in the chamber. Schizbo!

"Hey, alien! This is your lucky day, you know?"

"How is that possible?"

"Because this is as close to hell as you're going to get while your alien heart is still BEA-TING!"

She unloads the entire clip, all 17 shots, and I can feel the heat of those bullets as they penetrate and break up the stone slab directly in front of me.

"Okay, okay," I yell. Jeezzz. "You're a hero. I get it.... Look. I promise not to kill you." I listen intently but I don't hear another clip being slid into the pistol's hand grip. She's out of ammunition. I don't sense she has any other weapons. I concentrate listening for any sounds of metal sliding against metal. Nothing.

I exhale.

"See those ships up there? They're the enemies for you and me. One wants us for food and the other just wants us dead."

Still no sounds of metal. Now all of my senses move to full alert.

"Look. I know you're out of ammunition. Just throw out your gun and you will be safe." At least from me.

Suddenly, there's a weight on my back and something hard hits me in the side of my head. I reach back and grab hold and then lean forward. She is dumped at my feet.

"I want justice!" she screams.

Schizbo! It's one of those little people Ren used to tell me about. I always laughed and said he was just making up stories. But, here she is, all four feet of her.

I rise and look down six feet to where she lies at me feet and I see the terror in her eyes. I smile and exhale.

~ ~ ~

I'm paralyzed as I round the corner with Kaarat, the little woman. I estimate thirty or so Reptilians are firing their weapons at around twice as many Greys who are just outside a small building that garages the vehicles for the people of this small, icy island.

"We're dead meat," Kaarat says.

Her voice sounds morphed; it's a fruity-rich, chocolatey voice. I suspect she is one of the true descendents of the original inhabitors of this planet and I wonder if my Whites ancestors mated with these humans when they made their pilgrimage here. It would make sense why the humans, after all these centuries, are taller. She did admit, as we searched for someplace safe to hide that also housed any communication source, that her shorter, stockier body is able to withstand not only severe coldness but also extreme heat.

I tell her in a hushed undertone to back up. "They haven't seen us yet. We'll have to go around them."

We find an empty market and step into it. She is walking on some glass showcases, which makes us almost equal in height, and she lifts her weapon and points it at me. 


"Duck!" she screams and then lets loose with a round from some sort of rifle that just lets ammunition fly repeatedly.

I dive to the ground and roll to my back. The Grey is still coming at us. I show him my weapon. He smiles...sort of. But, he's never seen this one. I fire. Three times. He finally falls.

"Can't you just use that laser gun on all of them and zap them all to Helvete?"

I chuckle and think Yeah, when Helvete freezes over. Because we were definitely in the right place for that to happen. "No, they'd capture use before I could kill ten of them. And, trust me, you do not want to be captured by those devilish Reptilians."

I guess my mind was thinking of Ren simultaneously because he's walking toward me surrounded by four Whites.

I only have to think his name and I'm there, my arms wrapped around his neck, and I'm hugging him close to me. I never believed I'd say this, but he is one handsome human. I feel his heart hammers against my chest, then I realize it's mine. 

"You don't know how good it is to see you," I think so only the Whites can hear. "We need your help to escape the Reps and Greys."

"We are here to escort you back to your mother. She is allowing this human to be here so you two can say good-bye to each other."

To Be Continued

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