Tuesday, March 15, 2016

© Sipping Your Sangria

Someone said, Love is a really scary thing, and you never know whats going to happen. Its one of the most beautiful things in life, but its one of the most terrifying. Its worth the fear because you have more knowledge, experience, you learn from people, and you have memories.

© Sipping Your Sangria
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

The road invented itself as
We galloped across the border
Into Mexico and I found
You sneaking into my poetry.

There was a stretch of land enclosed by
Dry pine-oaks protecting dahlias;
Here, between us, was a flattened
Pack of gum from your rear pocket.

The best nick-names are overused
Because of a dearth of imagination.
“I like a bit of Shakespeare, Wolfie.”
“I like the flick of a mermaid’s tail, Lady.”

A beggar tried to get you to peso up
Before he stooped to screw his
Cigarette butt into the dusty road.
Our lips pressed thin resisting grins.

Days were when we felt everything
At once or we felt nothing at all.
What’s worse? Drowning under waves
or dying from the thirst of love?

(painting by Malcom Liepke)