Sunday, December 1, 2013

© Let's Go Anywhere
Mimi Wolske, December 2013
All Right Reserved

twisted the cool air
out of my curly hair
that morning on the bridge
over the Rio Grande
your camera given to
the others who would
snap a single shot
us together under
the sign
we were there
other souvenirs
silver bracelet from you
a handmade sand tile
a complete pine cone
stand as totems
around me
day to day
we were there
idle in a corner
set there
but you cannot
the storyline
with yesterdays
and tomorrows
no one puts Baby
in the corner
a book shamelessly bleeds
on the car CD player
as we cross the
Continental Divide
green glow
from the dash
bathes us
invites us
to stop
settled beside me
tucking wisps of my hair
behind my ear
turned upside down
held and loved
my face reddens
panting for air
something to drink
common ground found
in our blood
in our sound
I wake to open windows
unfamiliar blinds
humming air conditioner
and I know we did
something right

(what if I tell?)