Saturday, January 4, 2014

MUSINGS/BLOG: Annual Cleanup

Yep, a new year means it is time for a new look and to clean out the past poems. The latter done so that they are protected since my WP blog was hijacked by some hacker and i lost 3 years worth of poems and short stories.

Sooo, if you were looking for a past poem, it was removed. Currently, you can see two poems, one short story, and past blog posts.

STAY TUNED: 2014 brings newly created poetry and short stories, author and artist interviews, book reviews, a blogs...and a new look...the Eros Writers Name will hopefully change also.

POETRY: Dancing After Midnight

©Mimi Wolske, January 2014
All Rights Reserved

dancing after midnight until early morning
and still awake
recounting, reliving moments in thrall
two hearts beating
as one over long-distance lines
long before any
bird enjoys that early worm
i enjoy you
and words that become hypnotizing
whether we are
together sharing or we are separated
dancing after midnight