Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tumbleweed Contessa Is Angry and We Are Declaring War on You

I wrote this poem June 6, 2016 (posted it on Facebook on June 7th) after hearing about the Stanford (swim team) student, Brock Turner, who RAPED and documented (photographed her nakedness and sent to members of the Stanford swim team) and how the judge gave him a MEANINGLESS 6 MONTHS in JAIL... She was UNCONSCIOUS! Brock Turner said he was an innocent boy from Ohio (seriously?) who got drunk because of peer pressure. When a couple of grad students came upon the rape scene, Brock Turner got up and ran. One grad student chased down Brock Turner and two others came and helped hold Brock Turner until the campus police came. When the student who chased Brock Turner down was asked whether he thought Brock Turner was drunk or not, he said that Brock Turner "could run" and "was not slurring his words at all". During the trial, Brock Turner LIED LIED, LIED to the judge and Defense evidence was provided to the judge BEFORE his judgement.

© We Are Declaring War on You
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

We’ll shed no tears for you
We’ll spend restless nights in fear
But we’ll never give a flying fuck
About the unrecoverable loss
Of your oh-so-brilliant future
That your male counterparts
Use to shame every victim
For such a slight indiscretion

An obscene six-month sentence
For the trust you stole from your victims
For the rape with blazon disregard
For your egregiousness that
Left them too terrified to sleep
For the feeling of worthlessness
Your left them with along with
Bruised and bloody reminders of your crime

Every victim becomes revictimized
With not-so-honorable judges who
Are clearly more concerned with
Your life than with your victims’
BUT we women are uniting and
While we cannot tattoo you with a scarlet R
We know you’ll grant us the same
Forgiveness for our slight indiscretion

As we plaster what was printed in
The printed news and the electronic news—
Your photo, your name, and your despicable,
Unforgivable, heinous crime—everywhere
With the warning to every female
Never Trust This Person, He
Will Rape You Will You’re Unsuspectedly
Drugged Or Just Innocently Sleeping

It's not just Women who are raped; men are also raped; BUT EQUALLY HORRIFYING IF NOT MORE SO IS THAT DEFENSELESS-INNOCENT-WEAKER-THAN-ANY-ADULT CHILDREN ARE RAPED!!! So, why is any rape victim treated as the assaulter in the courtroom, as the enticer, as if they do not have a life, as if they are not innocent, as if they are guilty of something?

Here's a link to the letter from Brock Turner's RAPE VICTIM that constricted my throat and brought tears tumbling down my cheeks: