Friday, April 8, 2016

© Pristine to Red Stockings and Heels

For a woman, any emotion, even sadness or anger, can be the catalyst for passion when she connects with its underlying power in an erotic way. We don't need flowers, candlelight, or bubble baths to get in the mood for love and sex. We take whatever mood we're in and turn it to our sexual advantage. The result: not just better sex, but a more passionate relationship.

Pristine to Red Stockings and Heels
When did the rain wash away the vision
That once was so clear she believed
She could see the end of the world;
A thin line of a distant horizon
Blending heaven and earth, perceived
As one, floating through time--it purled

Mayhap when he circumnavigated
The sea to find her happy, fixed universe
And informed her that cyberworld is round,
Not flat, or when he showed her a world uncharted;
Their stars aligned across the transverse
Hall of time and he captured her spellbound

Happenstance entwined with unusual desire
For a life as yet unknown and a curiosity
To learn and perchance to see and to know,
Surely edification would transpire;
Could there be reciprocity
And would he appreciate her sough

How long could she maintain his interest
Once she made the unspoken yet expected change;
In true Scarlet O’Hara fashion, she’d think of it tomorrow;
Thus, she gave her lessons her fullest
Attention, afraid that he she might estrange,
Yes she gave herself in his cyber-Bordeaux

Copyright © 2011
Mona Arizona
All rights reserved