Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Falling onto the Highway of Life

©Falling onto the Highway of Life
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

I woke up this morning
to the sound of someone’s car tires
on the overheated road;
it made me think of Indian fry bread
and how it sounds
being dropped in the hot oil.

In the desert, there’s a cowgirl
who wakes up each morning
with a funny taste in her head;
yes, something tastes different—
maybe it’s her tongue—
suddenly, she’s not so young.

There is a dancing maiden
who loves a masochist,
but the fire in her dance
comes from a bird singing
in the folds of low clouds;
she sticks the bird in her lover’s ear.

The shape of your eyes
is like a lasso around my heart;
your dance echoes of
a covey at dawn and romantic
road trips; our hair intertwined;
no space for breath between us.

There’s an aged couple
watching dried butterflies rise
over a landscape of stranded ships;
neither sleeps unless together
because the boy and girl they were
are no longer waiting.

I love the way you call me Baby;
and you love the way
I say “good morning”;
we’ve said it before,
“open the door, get on your
bike, and take me the way I am”.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Mimi and Mona Romantic Poetry: Dancing In The Rain

Someone once told me if you wake from a sound sleep it's because someone who loves you was thinking about you and your souls just connected.

Someone was thinking of me at 2 am
it's 4:40 am now and i'm still up 
trying to figure out what color raindrops are.
is it me, 
or does their color keep changing?
when i'm old, i'll remember all these years we've had together.
I'll probably romanticize the past,
believing that sometime, 
everything was perfect.
life isn't always so, but we've been happy;
i'll never forget that,
or the first time you felt comfortable
enough to fart and blame it on the dog.
it's 4:50 am and i'm drinking coffee
and wondering whether we'll stop
dancing in the rain.

Dancing In The Rain 
All Rights Reserved
Mimi Wolske