Friday, February 20, 2015

Mimi-Mona Erotic Poetry: I Can Make Your Dreams Come True

©I'll Make Your Dreams Come True
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

Hey, Babe, can you spare me some time
I've had my eye on you, that's surely not a crime,
In your new suit you're looking so smart and brawny,
Hey, Babe, give more than an hour to me.

The scent of your cologne states you're pedigreed;
I'll give you hint, I think you'll succeed,
'Cause it's pulling me in, yes, it's drawing me to you,
And every thought I have  is of our rendezvous.

Meet me upstairs in just a minute from now;
In less than an hour, I will show you how.
Give me your hand and I will show it to you—
One horizontal dance, I'll make your dreams... come... true.

I'm the kind of girl who likes to play hard to get;
But in my knowing hands, there's nothing you'll regret.
Look at your silk shirt, such elegance, such class;
You're as handsome as the love gods, my dreams you surpass.

Take off your clothes dear, let me see the skin of the man.
You're smooth, but I'm seductive and I have a plan.
You're drawing me in like a lodestone to you;
Forget about the hour, I'm going to need a day or two.

I'll be the smoke from your fire
Smoldering, endless desire;
How long will our flame burn?
—— —— ——

In our first dance I'll make your dreams come true,
You know I can, oo-oo-oo-oo-ooo,
All it will take is just a day or two;
Let me show it to you.
And if it takes a little longer?
Babe who cares?
I'll be the smoke from your fire,
Smoldering, endless desire;
How long will our flame burn?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Dangerous Liaison

©Dangerous Liaison
Mona Arizona
Mimi Wolske-Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

 she finally revealed herself
she was nude—
not just naked, but vulnerable—
it was obvious, not by her expression,
she'd not reveal her face, she was shy.
It was the way she showed him,
the way he discovered and rediscovered,
the way she never did it to win him over,
that redefined the infinite process
of sharing her body slightly hidden. was everything,
just as it had been when the Titanic
went down and it was women and children
first...and stasis were her forte,
her talent that drove his desire.
There existed no emotional entropy;
she was prime real estate, alive,
with an order and a predictability.
He was chaos, about to implode,
without her, but to take her,
to join her in bare reflection
would be a most dangerous liaison.

 (painting: The Dangerous Liaison by RenĂ© Magritte)