Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cartwheeling Through Life

© Cartwheeling Through Life

Years spent unknowingly observing
the ebbing and flowing of the sea,
the constant rising and falling of
my pen as ink flowed across pages,
the ups and downs of learning
how to perform a simple cartwheel,
seeing the wretched horror of
global warming wax and wane
like a moon over Neanderthals,
Painting and weaving color and love
into a life waiting for a revelation,
the melodious and gradual
increase in the loudness in
various pieces of music, but days
became years after leaving the marriage bed
before I recognized the fear of death,
the duration of a mother’s love,
and the time spent finding, appreciating,
and growing in the wonders of true love.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Less Egg To Fry

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© One Less Egg To Fry

Eyes like a snake’s, she pinned him
With her glare and frosty smile.
A soul like an empty museum,
One hand on her hip, the other
Flicking the ashes from a
Rolled smoke, and cocking her head,
She exhaled a wheezing breath.
She was ready for murder.

He came from the old boy school
Of past lives’ expectancies;
An object lesson for her
In kindness and honesty?
No. He never showed her
Anything but a hollow,
Steel frame containing his lust…
And valueless, devoid love.

Critical of clothes she wore,
Her every movement, and
All she said and did, his weak
Lips punished her. It began;
Progressive  manipulation.
He changed too slowly to alarm.
Family called less; friends dropped off
Like petals from a dead flower.

Was it last night she dreamed of
Something sexual? How long
Had it taken to recognize
She was working her way up
To a boxer’s practice bag?
Sweating came from more than
hiding from a reckless, sweltering
Sweltering Louisiana sun.

Today, without a tinge
Of melancholy, her eyes
Slanted like those of a snake,
Her smile defrosted, she flicked
Her smoke, reached for her weapon,
He rearranged himself and smirked.
Took one long stride toward her.
“You don’t have the balls to shoot…”

All Rights Reserved

Mimi Wolske