Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mimi-Mona's Erotic Poetry: DIRTY


Mimi Wolske
Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona™
July 2014 - All Rights Reserved

You make me love being dirty
not just words or deeds —
well, yes, I want those, too —
But I want to be the dirty
you want to go out and spend
every day with, the dirty
you want to plant life into
and watch it grow, the dirty
that gets under your nails
and you don't want to wash out
Because it defines who you are
and what I mean to you
It announces proudly that you
were with me and I filled
your days from the soles of
your feet to the sweat on your brow
It's the way poets express it with words
knowing you will feel what they say
It's the way an artist paints so
that lump in your throat
becomes a gasp of awe
The way a musician holds those notes
until his breath becomes so
weak the note fades away
but you're still clinging to it
It's the way a dancer performs
and you become the beat of each leap
It's the way all of them
create beauty that haunts
your thoughts until you
are driven back to me
You know me so well, well enough
to know I'm not just saying
I'll be here for you
I will be here and I will be
what you want to caress
and fondle and bathe
with love, what you want to eat
sun up, sun down, and midnight snack
I will be here for you
when you work so hard
to help me produce everything
your knees can't stay
bent a moment longer
your hands cannot find
purchase with me
and your back begins
to ache from being
arched forward in
hours of expressed love
Let me kiss you —
I want to kiss your toes
your knees and your fingertips
I want to kiss away
the pain in your back
so you'll understand
I mean it when I say
I'll be here for you —
dirty as the first time
your toys plowed into me —
dirty as the first time
your eyes craved my fruits —
dirty as the first time
you tossed away the toys
and got on your
hands and knees and
molded me the way of
your heart's desire
and later, the way you
nibbled at my fruits
like ant with a purpose
wanting the best
I had to offer
selfishly wanting all
I had to give
Standing over me
in control
and I submit willingly
to the owner of
all I have to give
of all I am
Still, believe me,
I am here for you.
Your Garden