Saturday, January 25, 2014

POETRY: Erotic

POETRY - Erotic

MUSINGS / BLOG--GOOD VIBRATIONS: Sensuality and Discretion

Senses and Sensuality

The raking sound of your nails trail down my spine

The feral aroma of you and your arousal

Your velvety steel in my hands, the rock hardness of your shoulder and chest

The many flavors—nibbling your neck, your mouth, your chest, your hands, your feet, your ass, your cock

The many faces--desire, determination, care and love, exhaustion, and happy satisfaction

All the senses make me lose sensibility


Trust Mimi, geniuses, music and erotic sounds stir sensual
desires...even more than porn photos


Gifts? or a bit of creative control from the Dom?

Okay, so living in the desert of the American southwest, I loved the silver bracelet with turquoise...until I realized every time I wore it or saw silver and turquoise together (and, trust Mimi, this is a regular occurrence where I live) I think of him, of his touch, of his body, of us together and the nasty things he does to me and how my body responds to that knowledge and his ownership over my body. 

It's a discrete gift and no one knows except me that it's a gift that keeps on giving me body- and being on a merry-go-round. Oh...and the turquoise is in the shape of two esses "S" plus "S" (sex slave)...lest I forget

Sometimes, a girl needs a helping know what I mean?

Touch Me

©Mona Arizona, January 2014

All Rights Reserved

Comfort me with your naked flesh

Over mine, nude, writhing, pleading

Your shadow over me...pausing

Fingertips graze my nipples

Sensitive, my response is

Constricting muscles and a gasp

Massaging, molding, shaping breasts,

Your fingers incite raging passion

I cannot rein in, I don't want to

Candle light and body shadows

Dancing on the walls

Inflame my imagination

Tap out your own desire

Touch me

Touch me

Touch me my love

Touch me all over

I want to feel your traces

On my skin and deep inside

Caress the aching length of my life

As I cry out in ecstasy

Friday, January 24, 2014


©Mimi Wolske, January 2014

All Rights Reserved

i try, i do

i try to remember

remember it's January or summer

summer is worse than January

but January makes me the saddest

i remember you're busy

remember you said you don't know how to respond to my passionate side

was that just a year ago

i try to remember your privacy went way down

i try to remember

i try, i do

i remember, i do

i remember everything about you

the way a smile curves one side of your lips up

the way your voice provokes, invites, soothes

the way our bodies fit together

the way you laugh when you like something i said

something you find funny and that catches you off guard

i remember the way we share everything

the way you look when you nap

the way you look after sex

i remember much more

i remember everything

i remember, i do

what do you remember

the way i look at you

the way i talk too much

the private name you have for me

the private names i have for you

the list of all the places and positions we wanted to make love

to turn off your cell so your pocket doesn't dial my number

the way i get excited knowing you'll call

or the excitement i express knowing we'll be together again

the way my body shook as you sent me into the abyss but held on tightly

do you remember asking me why i love you

the way i immediately and honestly answered

the way the moonlight or the dawn's golden light glowed on my naked body

what do you remember

Thursday, January 23, 2014


©Mona Arizona, January 2014
All Rights Reserved

Now you know my obsession
Orgasm...but more than that
It's you
You when your mind is released
When you're vulnerable
With desire and longing burning
I'm a captive of your heat
Of my eternal, carnal lust
How I love knowing you are
Seduced by the rounded curves
The way my stomach slopes
To the shadow of your
Overwhelming need
You smile at my gasp
When your hand strokes my spine
And my back arches responsively and
Your other hand slowly searches
For white-hot liquid heat
You know when to search
You know every move that
Brings sighs and attention
Half globes press back hoping
Needing to meet the staff of
Your breath, warm and moist,
Teases my nape
Liquid Lava cannot be
Droplets are caught by
The moon's light as they fall
Onto your flexing fingertips
It isn't enough
It's never enough for you
Your urgent grunt melts away
The shroud of your roving embrace
Anticipation pounds a tattoo
That matches the quickened
Pace of my heart when you
Bend me forward
You hand pressing between
Shoulder blades
Needing what only you can provide
I turn my head
Whisper your name
The sound of a plea to
The hopefulness of a prayer
I am already lost in the tender
Bluntness of your love
Now you know my obsession