Saturday, January 25, 2014

MUSINGS / BLOG--GOOD VIBRATIONS: Sensuality and Discretion

Senses and Sensuality

The raking sound of your nails trail down my spine

The feral aroma of you and your arousal

Your velvety steel in my hands, the rock hardness of your shoulder and chest

The many flavors—nibbling your neck, your mouth, your chest, your hands, your feet, your ass, your cock

The many faces--desire, determination, care and love, exhaustion, and happy satisfaction

All the senses make me lose sensibility


Trust Mimi, geniuses, music and erotic sounds stir sensual
desires...even more than porn photos


Gifts? or a bit of creative control from the Dom?

Okay, so living in the desert of the American southwest, I loved the silver bracelet with turquoise...until I realized every time I wore it or saw silver and turquoise together (and, trust Mimi, this is a regular occurrence where I live) I think of him, of his touch, of his body, of us together and the nasty things he does to me and how my body responds to that knowledge and his ownership over my body. 

It's a discrete gift and no one knows except me that it's a gift that keeps on giving me body- and being on a merry-go-round. Oh...and the turquoise is in the shape of two esses "S" plus "S" (sex slave)...lest I forget

Sometimes, a girl needs a helping know what I mean?

Touch Me

©Mona Arizona, January 2014

All Rights Reserved

Comfort me with your naked flesh

Over mine, nude, writhing, pleading

Your shadow over me...pausing

Fingertips graze my nipples

Sensitive, my response is

Constricting muscles and a gasp

Massaging, molding, shaping breasts,

Your fingers incite raging passion

I cannot rein in, I don't want to

Candle light and body shadows

Dancing on the walls

Inflame my imagination

Tap out your own desire

Touch me

Touch me

Touch me my love

Touch me all over

I want to feel your traces

On my skin and deep inside

Caress the aching length of my life

As I cry out in ecstasy

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