Monday, June 23, 2014

MIMI - MONA'S POETRY - EROTIC: The Denizens of Love

©The Denizens of Love
Mimi Wolske
June 2014, Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

The pallor of his groin —
unsuckled in the tides,
in the working of love
making, its purple vein
tight like an arctic scout
hunting to mark her mouth,
dry on her half-tracked thigh —
was pale and craving heat.

No longer limp in the
Straight of Magellan —a
navigable sea was
she —he unplaited her
silk and gripped the waves with
a fisted might and pulled
back her head so he could
claim her ruby-lipped mouth.

Balls as tight as his chin —
driving her to new heights
was the goal of his nights —
horny for her milkweed,
seeking arterial
ecstasy —he thawed the
iceberg crops at her mounds
and drilled into her slick.

Crippled by lack of sleep,
the marrow of her crutch
lay exposed and open —
rotating hips pleading
while she begged for surcease...
a temporary end
at catch her breath —
and needing thunder's bone.

Their grave love was crossed by
light-hearted giggles in
the light of ochre
shades and dust —candle light
flickering in their room
in the desert —synced to
mariachi music
and the beat of their hearts.

(painting by Jen Mazza)

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