Friday, April 17, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: ©North — South

It's those little things
you tell me
that turns me sideways,
tilts my world
on its axis
I can't see north.
You have humming
those little parts
of me
neglected for days;
tonight they sing,
they beg,
they plead,
they promise
if you'll join the
chorus down south.

Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry - Erotic: He Wanted

 ©He Wanted
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

With a devilish grin
He held her with one hand
With the other stroked her back
Snaking wicked fingers down her spine
Spreading open the cover
Of lustful delights so he might
Unravel the mystery of her
Secrets hidden and pressed like a flower

Mobile lips read her thoroughly
Pressing hers before moving
Down to excite her scented folds
Watching her as she came undone
He was tormented with anticipation
Tempted by her seductive words

Fingers lovingly spread her open
And he read every detail of her experience
Watched as she came undone
His only plan was to master her but
Felt like he was the one being mastered
Taking a deep breath he loosened the reins of control

He flipped her upside down
And shook up her world until
He'd thoroughly read her needs
Fanned her pages as her world spun
Then lingered at the climax of her story
Before telling her, "I'm reading you again."

(the provocative paintings are by Jennifer Maza)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Your Name Is My Battle Cry

©Your Name Is My Battle Cry
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

I have no need
for sex with you
to sustain our

I'd stay a million
years with you
you are my sex
so much more
than sex

every minute
with you is like
making love
you're my every battle

 you leave me burning
as if i'm controllable
as if i have
a choice

you devour me
and leave me

you consume
about me
use me
use me
use me

you leave your
tread marks across
my hungry-handed
ravenous heart
i cry out your name

let my ego
grow large enough
to want you
as my right
with or without

i raise
my white flag
open my mind
look into 
your eyes

your eyes
your eyes
devour me
and leave me