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MIMI: I never met our guest and I admit I haven’t read anything she has written...but I plan to. This woman writes erotic stories and it was a friend and dedicated reader of this writer’s works who told me about her. Our guest’s list of short stories and novelettes includes: “Welcome to the Neighborhood”, “Dreams Really Do Come True”, “New Beginnings”, “Girls’ Night Out”, “Sinfully Delicious”, and the most recent novelette “Naughty Delights”.


Please welcome the family-oriented, mother of 2, who is close to her own mother, the shy but with a thing for knee socks — Kameron Brook.

MONA:  Hi Kameron and thanks for agreeing to visit us today. Hey…what’s this knee sock thing you have going on and what does hubby say? Ever wear any of them to bed?

KAMERON: Wow, seriously how did you find out about my sock fetish? Yes, you heard right. I have a sock fetish. I think there's nothing sexier than a woman in knee or thigh high socks. Yes, I do go to bed in them often and when I say "bed", I mean that's part of my sexy-lets get it on- outfit. Dirk loves the look so much, he asks me all the time to wear them to bed with a tank, small panties, and of course my glasses. He loves the naughty librarian look and guess what.....SO DO I!


MIMI: Does anyone call you Kam?

KAMERON: Yes and I’m totally okay with it. Just don’t call me dear. For some reason, I’ve always disliked that endearment.

MIMI: Do you have any other nickname people use?

KAMERON: No, I’m just Kameron or Kam. J

MONA: Tell us about the moment you decided to become a writer. Was it an easy decision? Difficult decision?

KAMERON: About three years ago, I opened up my laptop and started writing. Dirk and I shared fantasies back and forth. We shared those in our notes and on our blog. After much encouragement from him and Facebook friends, I submitted “Girls Night Out”. It was a hit and I couldn’t have been happier.

MIMI: What is the most difficult part of being a co-author?

KAMERON: Dirk is a busy man so he has trouble finding time to sit down and work on his sections. After spending hours upon hours at his computer related job, sometimes the last thing he wants to do is type on it at night. I can’t really blame him there.

MIMI: How much planning and communication would you guess is involved?

KAMERON: We bounce ideas off each other all the time. Some ideas stay dormant and some we act upon. If you opened up any of our WIP’s, you would notice notes to each other throughtout the story. Ex. Remember that one time we did this…..wouldn’t it fit perfectly here?

MONA: Hey, Kameron, what kind of music do you like?

KAMERON: My playlist changes all the time. Just last month, I was rockin out to Billy Idol. This week, Usher is my man. The only types of music I don’t listen to is jazz, polka, or country.

MIMI: Do you listen to music while you write?

KAMERON: No, I actually turn on a comedic show or movie. I find laughter relaxing and it helps me focus.

MIMI: Why do you think people read erotica?

KAMERON: Maybe they want to live out their own fantasies. Maybe they are looking for inspirations for their own sex lives. For whatever reasons people chose to read it, I’m sure glad they do.

MONA: What do you think erotic fiction does for your readers?

KAMERON: I think it lets them escape into a world which maybe they haven’t entered yet or one that they have entered and it rehashes fond memories. At least I hope it raises good memories.

MIMI: What can you tell us about your ideal reader?

KAMERON: Anyone who likes to laugh, loves a steamy scene is our ideal reader. That’s at least half the world, right? J

MONA: Why do you think sex sells?

KAMERON: Because we are all sexual beings who enjoy getting kinky either by our own actions or through the actions of a character (s).

MIMI: How much does your own sexuality come into play when you are writing a book?

KAMERON: Every story we create has some truth to them. Either a scene(s) or the entire creation. We never divulge how much or which part. We want the reader to wonder.

MONA: What hangs on the wall above your bed?

KAMERON: A sign that reads, “Live, Laugh, Love”.

MIMI:  So, do any of your female characters have tattoos? If so, who, what is the tattoo, where is it located, and which book are we talking about?


MONA: Can you give us 5 unrelated words that describe your main character, Donovan, from “Naughty Delights”?

KAMERON: Romantic, comical, chef, strong, and sexyasallgetout. Don’t bother looking up the last word in Webster. It’s totally a real word. Don’t believe me. Now, would I ever lie to you? On second thought, don’t answer that.

MIMI: Give us three "Good-to-Know" facts about you. C’mon…be creative. For example, what can you tell us about your first job? Or, fun details of your favorite way to unwind.

KAMERON: One, I am seriously freaked out by garden gnomes. Dirk loves to tease me about it. Recently, he bought a gnome candle and lit it. Freaked me the hell out! Two, I would rather eat a bowl of bussel sprouts than a M&M’s. No joke! Three, I’m still a cartoon junkie. You can’t go wrong with Looney Tunes or Scooby Doo.

MIMI: Kameron, what book or books, if any, or what authors (living or dead) would you name as influences and why?

KAMERON: I read daily and the ones I most frequent are: Kresley Cole, Lara Adrian, Pamela Palmer, Keri Arthur, Karen Moning, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Shayla Black, Lora Leigh, Jaci Burton and (drum roll please) James Patterson. Betcha didn’t see him coming!

MONA: If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

KAMERON: The only person I can think of who inspres me to write and be a great writer is Dirk. He truly is my greatest champion!


MONA: What book are you reading now and what’s on your TBR list?

KAMERON: I am currently reading MacRieve by Kresley Cole. Next up will be Succubus Vengeance by G.E. Stills.

MIMI: Will you share something about yourself that no one knows?  Any secrets?

KAMERON: I have six toes on each foot……. Kidding.

MONA: So, what actor/actress would be a good mix with Elizabeth or Donovan of “Naughty Delights”?

KAMERON: Joe Manganiello would make a great Donovan or Jackson, best friend. Heck I just want him to play a role from one of my stories.
Let’s see, Elizabeth…… I chose – ME.

(Joe Manganiello)
Naughty Delights’ Donovan = Joe Manganiello

MIMI: What was the hardest thing for you to cut from you MS?

KAMERON: We tweaked down the menu board because if we didn’t, the passage would’ve been way too long and wordy.

MIMI: For those who do not know what the “menu board” is, could you give them an idea?

KAMERON: (Menu Board) We listened many sugary creations on the bakery board - our most favorite treats:  Hairy Balls - Donut Holes with Dark Chocolate Shavings and Peach Fuzz – Donut Holes with White Chocolate Shavings 

MONA: Let’s say Elizabeth (from “Naughty Delights”) has to have a password for something.  What would that password be?

KAMERON: 2hairyballs… HAHA!

MIMI: So, from that list of the stories you and your co-authors have written, and if we add in “Naughty Delights”, which one was your favorite?

KAMERON: “Naughty Delights” is most definitely my favorite story because I loved the menu board and the comic moments. Plus, I thought the epilogue was so tender.

MIMI: Which story carried your favorite character and what about that character do you like more than the others?

KAMERON: I like all my characters equally. Hey, I don’t chose favorites with my two kids so I can’t chose favorites here either. Sorry.

MONA: Since your books are short-story and novelette length, do your dedicated readers ever ask when you’re going to write a novella or maybe even a novel?

KAMERON: All the freaking time!!!!! Dirk and I have discussed writing a detective book but who knows what the future holds for us.

MIMI: Kameron, I just want to say what fun it was getting to know you. Thanks for taking time to share a bit about yourself (and for giving away a copy of Naughty Delights). I think you’re someone it would be interesting to know better.

KAMERON: Thank you so much for having me on today. I truly had a great time and I look forward to meeting your followers. Folks, good luck on the giveaway. I believe whomever wins the short story will walk away one happy camper. (Whether from laughing so hard or from the steamy nookie sections.) 
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MONA: You have an excerpt you want to share? Tell us why you chose this particular excerpt.


It’s grand opening day of Guilty Pleasures, and Donovan is there bright and early with his best friend Jackson. He came to show support to Jackson’s girl, Felicia and maybe grab a sugary treat. Little did he know he’d find something sweeter than anything offered on the menu board – the woman of his dreams. 

This is it, Elizabeth thought as she pushed through the door to deliver a large batch of chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to the display case. It was grand opening day for Guilty Pleasures, and she couldn’t be more excited or more nervous. Years of scrimping and saving had accumulated to this day. In a matter of minutes the bakery would be open for business, and their city would officially have their first taboo sweet shop.
Elizabeth took one final look around, making sure everything was perfect, when Felicia, her business partner and friend, appeared next to her, chomping on a fornication cookie.
Out of all the sugary creations crafted for the shop, Elizabeth and Felicia would agree these were the most fun to develop. They spent many wine-filled nights brainstorming and researching ideas for the inserts.
“What’s it say, babe?” Elizabeth asked, nodding toward the paper in Felicia’s hand.
Felicia laughed and read the naughty message, "Two heads are better than one, but three, now that’s what I call a party!" As she tucked the paper into her back pocket, she asked, “I forget. Was this yours or mine?”
“I actually think your man deserves credit for this one.” Grinning, Elizabeth grabbed the sampler plate off the counter and walked toward the front door, turning to take one final look around before the place filled up. She couldn't be any prouder of the decor in her little slice of heaven. She glanced to her left and smiled proudly as she admired the photos on the wall. 
The food photographer they had hired did a fantastic job capturing the beauty and sexiness of several corset cakes available for purchase. But the icing on the cake, so to speak, was the mural to the right of the entrance. A local artist painted "What Are Your Guilty Pleasures" but the letters were actually naked people in compromising naughty positions.
Felicia giggled. “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to me now. We definitely drank way too much that night.”
Nodding in agreement, Elizabeth turned on the neon sign and opened the doors for business.
Already, a few eager customers were waiting by the window. They actually applauded when Elizabeth stepped out of the shop door. She greeted them with a smile and offered them their choice of iced cocks or boobs. She wasn’t surprised the guests blushed when they made their selection and bit into the cookie. She expected to witness many rosy cheeks in the hours ahead of them—giggles too.
As the streets began to fill up with people going to work, Elizabeth tried to coax even more passersby into the shop with her funny shout-outs such as: “I bet our peckers taste as good as your man’s. No wait, even better!” And, “Our breasts are fantastic and all natural.” All the while she held up a naughty treat.
After the bell dinged behind her a couple dozen times, she realized the humorous approach to draw in customers was working like a charm. Now with them inside, she had no doubt every person who’d entered the shop erected from her dreams would be a repeat customer. And with this thought, she knew the many dinners of Ramen noodles were well worth the discomfort it cost her over the years.

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