Friday, November 27, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: Our Morning-After Existential Chemicals

©Our Morning-After Existential Chemicals
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

Your eyes reflected how I radiated life;
you said that once.
I was lost in your arms and
became a different woman
with each whispered word
of possession and lust
that rushed over the cliffs
of mobile, kissing lips like
a torrent waterfall, and I couldn’t breathe.
My fingers traced patterns on your skin
and I thought
if ever there could be a
moment in time I could freeze,
this would be it... dear G-d,
this would be it. Then,
you Chapter Sevened my love—
you took all of it. Everything!
So, what were you thinking, man?
What were you saying to me?
I needed practice holding my body
against someone new?
Hey, Prince Charming;
I didn’t shampoo my hair
for other men to sniff.
Did you believe me out of my mind?
You could have been the
amalgamation of my dreams,
but you were forever a man
of few words that were just out of reach.
Youll never be able to cop a feel...
your brain will be as limp as your cock,
The tarmac
fell away from the plane,
teardrops fell away from the sky,
and the fall with two broken wings...
no, it wasn't you, it was me...
Your electric cereal bit you back, huh?
Smile, bone daddy, because it will be
the only bite you will get in
this least favorite part of my life...
my life without your feigned love.
Your words transformed,
became weapons with the capacity to
rip me in half, but
before the sun set on your last sentence—
remind me to call you
I understood they and
your kisses held a million deceits
during our amassed years; and
fighting the ghosts of
our history meant only
you must stay, I must fly.
I won’t be the last woman
you will sweep off her feet
with heart-racing speed.
You will always have this reminder...
I will be flying high, you will not;
and the lifetime of a love you lost
will fly high and free with me.
Last night ended forever
in a bitter-sweet memory.
Today’s rain washes away
our morning-after existential chemicals
like a bright sunrise
in a wide-angle lens.
I’m free. I’m smiling
and flying high, and I’m free.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: ©Trapped in a Pearls-vs-Men Marathon

©Trapped in a Pearls-vs-Men Marathon
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

the moment we first set
sight on each other,
I knew I was in for
an adventure.

your hat slanted over
to one side in a
rakish way opposite
your straight-laced self.

your outstretched arms embraced
me a bit longer
than those in the lobby
wanted to observe.

the angel in your eyes
became devilish
and your crooked smile was
a wicked grin.

the softness of your lips
pressed hard against mine
and your tongue maneuvered
into my mouth.

you could have been scabrous
but I’d have been blind.
are you capable of
more than pretense?

I arrived trapped on the
wrong side of cool
like a prop in the lobby
of your folly

Now, in the hour of our lust,
there is more of me
in parts of you than a
gutsy psychosexual landscape

And, I know that I am
cast before the swine of
gluttony— that we are
trapped in a pearls-vs-man marathon

(Malcolm Liepke, The Embrace, oil, 52 x 40 in.)

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: Bringing Sanity To Clarity

No one dishes happiness up on a silver platter. 
It's an illusive notion to believe happiness is something that can be acquired from an external source
—it's a fantasy.
Happiness in an inside job.

©Bringing Sanity To Clarity
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

You stripped me down
dropped me in the cold
and then watched so
you could say shut up
you just wanted
to get rid of me

I’m unable
to make decisions
with a full moon
shaking hands across
my dizzy eyes
and my love-stripped heart

You never dreamed
I’d refuse to wear
your coward shoes—
I know you’re lying
sandwiched between
someone else’s sheets

I wish I knew
some other language...
never wanted
to discover you
under another’s
sunset embracing

You are the one
living in bondage
and her baked goods;
does she know you are
erasing her love
with every fuck

Tomorrow’s tide
and yesterday’s smoke
screens don’t move me;
your keypad grin and
pixilated lips
can’t distract me

You walked away
pushed me from your life
without a word
while I gathered heat
from burning bridges
left in your wake—

I don’t need proof
no explanation
just vitamins;
I will survive...
bringing sanity
to clarity

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: ©Scourged

Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

Have I dissolved in a fever
or is this some dream that pours
from my mind like bitter grapes
and devours my countenance?

In a world gone dizzy and grey
from an annihilation of pathos,
with false bravado, I stand
naked before many judges.

Unlike the nude on the painter’s
canvas, my nakedness is my vulnerability
and my defense against the accusations
whipped across my broken flesh.

The accusers don’t close their eyes;
with eager desire, they observe every
inch of bleeding bits of meat rip from
my body and soar like the wind’s slave.

If only I could unzip
this coat of torment and pain,
this ignominy before the rain
erodes all memory of who I was.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: A Congress of Distress

With a little humor, poetry becomes not only fun to read but can encourage the reader to desire to read more.


©A Congress of Distress
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

if there's no Holy Haluski in heaven,
then your heavenly touch
may well ignite my mashed potatoes
and my gastro innards will
never perform their growling symphony