Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: Bringing Sanity To Clarity

No one dishes happiness up on a silver platter. 
It's an illusive notion to believe happiness is something that can be acquired from an external source
—it's a fantasy.
Happiness in an inside job.

©Bringing Sanity To Clarity
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

You stripped me down
dropped me in the cold
and then watched so
you could say shut up
you just wanted
to get rid of me

I’m unable
to make decisions
with a full moon
shaking hands across
my dizzy eyes
and my love-stripped heart

You never dreamed
I’d refuse to wear
your coward shoes—
I know you’re lying
sandwiched between
someone else’s sheets

I wish I knew
some other language...
never wanted
to discover you
under another’s
sunset embracing

You are the one
living in bondage
and her baked goods;
does she know you are
erasing her love
with every fuck

Tomorrow’s tide
and yesterday’s smoke
screens don’t move me;
your keypad grin and
pixilated lips
can’t distract me

You walked away
pushed me from your life
without a word
while I gathered heat
from burning bridges
left in your wake—

I don’t need proof
no explanation
just vitamins;
I will survive...
bringing sanity
to clarity


  1. A very focussed narrative - the vagaries of love unrequited, betrayal and helplessness. I love your style Mimi.

    1. Thank you; and thank you. For me, a poem is successful poetry when it first gets to be the poetry of life and when someone connects with that moment in the poem.
      It makes me feel successful when your comment shows you understand. Thank you for sharing.