Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mimi - Mona Poetry: Four Haikus

When I say "Haiku", 
please do not reply, "Bless you": 
not an allergy

The syllabic pattern for a haiku poem is 5-7-5, and the lines, whether in Japanese or English, rarely rhyme. Whether a haiku is full of metaphors and personifications has been argued since they are supposed to be written on objective experiences, not subjective. A haiku contains three lines with 17 syllables in total. The lines don’t rhyme and frequently have a kigo, or seasonal, reference; they’re usually about nature or a natural phenomenon. They have two juxtaposed subjects are divided into two contrasting parts and, in English, the division between these two parts can be expressed with a colon or dash.

You need not settle;
You are not ordinary—
Lizards bring magic

Give her your praises:
part human and part lion,
emblem of Egypt.

Head on my pillow
dreaming of us together
Is it autumn yet

(two paintings by Michael Parkes: The Invitation and The Sphinx; painting by Malcom Liepke: title unknown)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mimi - Mona Love Poetry: That Can Drive A Person Crazy


You can't be in love around other people or they will think you both are crazy, nuts, insane. 

Maybe you are.

Vertigo Derek Larson animated GIF

©That Can Drive A Person Crazy
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

I wish you’d drive with the top down
so I can sit on top of the back seat
and wave to everyone.
Think about it;
they’d look at each other,
wave, then ask, “Who was that?”
I love you and that leads
my friends to think I might really be crazy.
Maybe they’re right;
maybe I am.
Loving you is midnight drives
with the top down
and dancing in the rain
and roasting marshmallows
and singing along with the radio
and kissing and laughing
in the shower
and holding hands on the bus
and pulling into the corn fields
for an outdoor quickie
and fighting when
the release valves are taut.
Some days they are —all day.
That can drive someone crazy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mimi-Mona Erotic Poetry: Have Any Forgotten

Blank pages are canvases and Mona Arizona knows how to paint erotic poetry on them.
It's been a while, but she's returned with her somewhat subtlety suggestive Have Any Forgotten, which is part fairy tales juxtaposed with love and sex.

wolf animated GIF

©Have Any Forgotten
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

Have any forgotten the way we were
in twilight sleep where images took hold,
when thoughts and actions weren’t over rated?

Those on the outside said “animals”
based solely on our cirque du soleil love
performance and those few tricks up your sleeves.

You were the hungry wolf, from the Brothers
Grimm tales, in search of a meal made of pork
and grannies with apples in their mouths.

Red tried to cool your cocktails with ice
and children freshly baked because it was
difficult dashing about the forest.

The blonde CinderElla took porn selfies
so you’d remember her on the dance floor,
then ran away wearing Hermes glass slippers.

When French chefs lobbied for delicate,
rare ortolan to be reintroduced
for their le plat du jour, I cried, “Cruel!”

and became too out of much-needed breath
to fight off those trophy wives of dead kings
to give the crowned wolfie prince a blow job.

“Ev’ry part of you looks like a kosher meal,”
you said, as your long tongue circled that big mouth
suggesting what was in store for this girl.

“Dust of that shaft...of sunlight; come; on this
blank canvas, paint me with your morning dew;
what we deserve is not on the menu.”

Have any forgotten the way we were
in twilight sleep where images took hold,
when thoughts and actions weren’t over rated?