Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Like a Tangled Heap of Human Laundry

©Like a Tangled Heap of Human Laundry
Mimi Wolske

We'd had another fight, something that happened more than less lately
A screaming match in the car, her screaming and crying, me listening
Embarrassing, dreadful moments passing locked apartment doors with the banshee
Knowing the ghosts of people behind them were tired of her mouth running

In the beginning, I tried placating, appeasing, pacifying, making concessions
Wanting nothing more than to assure her that yes, I still loved her
Anything, everything to reconcile our differences, to solace her passions
And in the end, I'd done nothing but temporarily deter any anger

I used to think, so what if she's reckless and unpredictable
That was my attraction to her from the very start; so misguided
Restless, impulsive, but such a wide difference in feelings chasmal
That whatever I said or felt she quickly chided

She'd then leave in a huff, maybe for a night, sometimes days,
Sometimes weeks, and I'd call her friends, text her:
"Baby, come home...I love you...we can work this out," any catchphrase
What ever promise it took, I'd even become a beggar

Promising to get rid of the termites destroying our relationship
Wondering just how the hell I was going to manage that
She'd return, happy, expansive, optimistic, and wanting sex, the flip
Of how she'd departed, she became my own personal hellcat

Suddenly, she was overdosing on pills, slicing body parts with a sharp blade
Hiding in closets, or sleeping in cars, or driving into stationary objects
Reckless and unpredictable, profoundly sad, feeling worthless and afraid
Her thoughts became rejects of defects that infects and dissects

Tonight, when we returned to our three-room living quarters,
I dropped her off still screaming and loudly ranting
Went to the diner alone to search for some answers
When some friends found me, they took an oblique course--canting

Like a contender in a competition, I made an incessant dash home
Oh my god! there she lay like a tangled heap of human laundry
At the bottom of the steps overtaken by her syndrome
And my only actions, thoughts, words once like hers, became bawdry

Mania is a hallmark symptom of manic depression. To be more precise, mania is a cluster of symptoms that are associated with one aspect of manic depression. An episode of mania can quickly spiral out of control, causing a great deal of disruption and mayhem for the individual and his or her loved ones. As such, it is important to be familiar with the warning signs of mania.

That is Tom Wait in the photo but he himself has nothing to do with the poem