Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mimi and Mona's Poetry: ©Trapped in a Pearls-vs-Men Marathon

©Trapped in a Pearls-vs-Men Marathon
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

the moment we first set
sight on each other,
I knew I was in for
an adventure.

your hat slanted over
to one side in a
rakish way opposite
your straight-laced self.

your outstretched arms embraced
me a bit longer
than those in the lobby
wanted to observe.

the angel in your eyes
became devilish
and your crooked smile was
a wicked grin.

the softness of your lips
pressed hard against mine
and your tongue maneuvered
into my mouth.

you could have been scabrous
but I’d have been blind.
are you capable of
more than pretense?

I arrived trapped on the
wrong side of cool
like a prop in the lobby
of your folly

Now, in the hour of our lust,
there is more of me
in parts of you than a
gutsy psychosexual landscape

And, I know that I am
cast before the swine of
gluttony— that we are
trapped in a pearls-vs-man marathon

(Malcolm Liepke, The Embrace, oil, 52 x 40 in.)


  1. Replies
    1. thank you for taking time to read this poem

  2. '...like a prop in the lobby of your folly' memorable imagery - I enjoyed immensely.

    1. thank you for that comment John; it's always encouraging when someone finds a line in your poem memorable imagery. I'm happy (truly) you enjoyed it and knowing your work, your comments mean something to me