Friday, January 24, 2014


©Mimi Wolske, January 2014

All Rights Reserved

i try, i do

i try to remember

remember it's January or summer

summer is worse than January

but January makes me the saddest

i remember you're busy

remember you said you don't know how to respond to my passionate side

was that just a year ago

i try to remember your privacy went way down

i try to remember

i try, i do

i remember, i do

i remember everything about you

the way a smile curves one side of your lips up

the way your voice provokes, invites, soothes

the way our bodies fit together

the way you laugh when you like something i said

something you find funny and that catches you off guard

i remember the way we share everything

the way you look when you nap

the way you look after sex

i remember much more

i remember everything

i remember, i do

what do you remember

the way i look at you

the way i talk too much

the private name you have for me

the private names i have for you

the list of all the places and positions we wanted to make love

to turn off your cell so your pocket doesn't dial my number

the way i get excited knowing you'll call

or the excitement i express knowing we'll be together again

the way my body shook as you sent me into the abyss but held on tightly

do you remember asking me why i love you

the way i immediately and honestly answered

the way the moonlight or the dawn's golden light glowed on my naked body

what do you remember

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