Thursday, January 23, 2014


©Mona Arizona, January 2014
All Rights Reserved

Now you know my obsession
Orgasm...but more than that
It's you
You when your mind is released
When you're vulnerable
With desire and longing burning
I'm a captive of your heat
Of my eternal, carnal lust
How I love knowing you are
Seduced by the rounded curves
The way my stomach slopes
To the shadow of your
Overwhelming need
You smile at my gasp
When your hand strokes my spine
And my back arches responsively and
Your other hand slowly searches
For white-hot liquid heat
You know when to search
You know every move that
Brings sighs and attention
Half globes press back hoping
Needing to meet the staff of
Your breath, warm and moist,
Teases my nape
Liquid Lava cannot be
Droplets are caught by
The moon's light as they fall
Onto your flexing fingertips
It isn't enough
It's never enough for you
Your urgent grunt melts away
The shroud of your roving embrace
Anticipation pounds a tattoo
That matches the quickened
Pace of my heart when you
Bend me forward
You hand pressing between
Shoulder blades
Needing what only you can provide
I turn my head
Whisper your name
The sound of a plea to
The hopefulness of a prayer
I am already lost in the tender
Bluntness of your love
Now you know my obsession

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