Sunday, May 4, 2014


©This Is How It Begins
Mona Arizona, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

He invites me to Vegas
After spending hours and weeks
of talking cunnilingus,
domination, and mystiques.

In the hotel lobby, he's caught
my eye with his smile and that
intriguing bulge I'd been taught
deserves a gentle, loving pat.

In our room, he says, "Hey, sexy
Lady, strip for me." He sat.
Not giving him an apoplexy,
I dance like an acrobat.

Before his chair and I strip
away, teasing without care.
As I near him, my legs he does grip,
Then reaches up to grab my hair.

I back away and shake my head.
"Keep your hands to yourself, Hon."
A wicked smile; he grips instead,
and says, "Isn't this more fun?"

He backs me to the bed; he grins
and pushes me onto my back,
Takes off his clothes, and then he pins
me and says, "I want a snack."

He falls to his knees and pulls my
legs up over his shoulders.
He is going to make me cry
his name; but my voice offers purrs.

Tan and pale skins juxtaposed,
Mine against his this close;
His small hips are exposed—
I can almost feel his nose.

Hidden away in many folds,
My vulva is screaming
For release as he beholds
my desire. "Am I dreaming?"

He asks, and then makes his plunge
To the depths of desire
As if lust he could expunge.
Then his tongue travels higher.

Stiff'ning in its hiding place,
My clitoris trembles
As his flat tongue finds a space
To delve...instead he gobbles.

I buck like a colt being
Ridden for the first time;
He begins subjugating
And I begin to climb.

The fountain is on display.
I cry out, "Oh my God!"
He says, "Oh, Babe, soak away!
Maybe I should applaud."

I laugh while stars explode.
Mobile lips find my mouth,
Devour breath and goad
Me to head down south

Of the bed on my own
And enjoy the pleasures
sucking down to the bone;
I plunder his treasures.

Such power to extend,
Suddenly stirs between my teeth,
continues to distend...
My mouth is its sheath

Where it hides as if it's
Doubtful; then with a violent
Jerk, as if with fits,
Assured it's not bent,

It expands with quick great
leaps, it rises, it flushes,
Rushes as if to mate
In its full length with blushes

Of eight inches in length
And three inches thick;
A royal column of strength.
Before it rushes into the slick,

I take it in both hands,
Test with a manual squeeze,
Admire how it stands
As I twist the knob to please,

Twirl it bottom to top,
Give it long, adoring strokes,
Open my mouth, pop
it in; my mouth cloaks

It and satisfied,
I begin to suck and blow.
When he stirs, I glide
up, let saliva flow.

I look up; our eyes meet.
I whisper, "Do you like?"
He nods; says, "It's so sweet,
but not too ladylike."

Saliva on my face
Is not like a lady.
So it's not commonplace;
My lover is greedy.

He wants it all in me.
I smile and take it all.
He groans unbelievably;
His eyes roll...he's enthrall.

The glass shower's as large
as most bathrooms. He pulls
me there, proceeds to recharge,
Grasps my breasts in handfuls.

The glass wall at my back,
He holds my hands over
My head...plans his attack.
His look makes me quiver.

As my legs grip his hips,
He plunges to the hilt,
Devours my lips.
I come once and I wilt.

Without a moment's rest,
He leads me to the marble
Counter. I protest,
But he gets me to warble

As passion increases.
We heat up the cold stone;
He never ceases
And I'm totally blown.

The chair by the window
Is his next place of choice.
"We'll put on a show."
"I'll send them an invoice,"

He laughs, has me straddle
His divine person... I impale.
I need a saddle...
Reverse cowgirl he doesn't curtail.

The warmth of his belly
Beneath my fingers as
They rest there don't belie
All his adorable jazz.

The globes of my bottom
Assess pole and both limbs. It's
heaven caressing his column.
His hands explore my tits,

Mould and try to reshape;
They pinch and pull and I cry
Out. I can't escape
No matter how much I try.

Unable to bear more,
He takes me to the bed,
I'm's amour...
It's his favorite—I'm spread,

Offering myself to him.
He plunges in deeply,
Fills me with all his vim,
And groans, "You belong to me!"

Just to prove what he states
Is true, his teeth sink
Into my neck, he advocates
that vow with a kiss and a wink.

So I press on that spot
where groin joins with cock,
Slip a finger in—I almost forgot—
His juices begin to unlock...

His ring convulses around
my finger as waves
of immeasurable pleasures abound...
my finger misbehaves.

He melts into what he feels
and rhythmically plunges
deeper in me and steals
my breath; my finger lunges.

Suddenly into me,
Rich and thick, his seed
spurts in small jets. He
laughs and smiles; he's done his deed.

This is how it begins
and continues still.
We embrace and our skins
meet...our love to fulfill.

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