Wednesday, May 7, 2014

POETRY - ROMANTIC: Their Promise

©Their Promise
Mimi Wolske, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

Five years before...had it really been
five years?
he thought,
it had, and one side of
his mouth curved up.
Five years before
He would have protested,
but still, he would never have
this woman
could hold him in a spell
and he would willingly
be her slave...
to the point of risking
What hidden forces of lust and love
had brought about this result?
Were they secretly within him?
Willingly, he wanted to be cast,
bound head to foot, into
loving arms.
Now he dreaded the thought he wouldn't be
prudent, that he would act
foolishly—with folly. He no longer
to himself.
His love, his sex slave, with her
suppleness like a cat and
playful, honest disposition, had,
little by little, glided into every
of his body.
This woman had become as necessary to him as
eating and drinking...and breathing.

After arriving home from work and
having eaten his dinner, he excused
himself saying he was tired and
wanted to go to bed
at once.
dinner, she played her role, mentioned
she wasn't feeling well and
should go to bed early this night.
There was some concern
from her family and they
encouraged her to
her bed.

The woman wanted to run up the stairs,
but not to arouse suspicion,
she only half ran and stumbled
over their dog in her hurry to
her phone
in her private bedroom. She swiped away
beads of perspiration and fell upon
her bed almost giddy with excitement.
Anyone seeing her would have
her drunk.
When her phone rang, all she wanted
was to run to him, gaze into his eyes,
and smile knowing he was just as anxious
to see

They each removed their clothes and
crawled into bed desirous to hear
the words of love and lust and imagine
being in each other's embrace, and then
made love.
This languorous couple remained on their
phones for several hours talking of this
and that, neither willing to let go but
they must.
"I have to go," she sighed.
He whispered he was falling onto his knees
before her and taking her hands in his.
Sexy Lady,"
he said, but didn't move. "Until the next time."
"No," she said with a heavy sigh. "Not
until next time. That's so indefinite."
"Then when? When will
be free?"
She believed she was looking him full in the face.
"The truth? I think I may never be free and
I have no more excuses and I cannot
of one."
"Then we must say this is farewell," he said.
"No! I can't do that!" she answered.
She pronounced each word in
Then she added, a bit more gently,
and without removing her hands from his...
She told him she loved only him.
must go."
Then came a silence, a long silence,
that was finally broken by him.
"I had a dream and it
scared me.
"Yes," she answered and her heart sobbed.
"Yes," she said again, shuddering. Abruptly
she told him she was bending over his
him with kisses and bursting into sobs,
she said in disjointed sentences...
"I lack the strength to leave you when
talk like that.
It scares me. Tell me we shall see
one another still. Give me courage. Give
me assurances. You have need of me still,
One of these days...please say it and mean it."
"I don't want you to leave, but if you stay,
you know we won't be able to keep our
to ourselves."

She pulled her shaking hands from his
and wrung them afraid to say anything,
afraid not to say something. She couldn't
him up.
She'd perish without him and his love.
He didn't want to lose her. He hadn't loved
anyone like her and he knew the pain in his
was heartache.
"Sweetheart," he said, and he hadn't called her
anything endearing in a while and he
hoped she knew he meant it. The
of the man awakened and he said,
"Nothing has changed." He took her
in his arms, he told her, and was
her face.
"This hurts," she sobbed. "I don't know
if I'll be able to last longer than
tomorrow morning without
"Then I will be here because I
need to see you, too."

Before they closed their eyes, the man
pulled the woman into his embrace and 
whispered, "You belong to me. Never forget
Are Mine."
They fell asleep holding their phones
to their ears and listening to and
saying the same words they always said.

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