Sunday, May 4, 2014


Mimi Wolske, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

There's nothing covert in our play
On this stage adorned by the stars;
We share each other's repertoires
Without trousers and negligee.

Trusted father, much loved mother,
Favored friends by those who know us;
They all have so much to discuss,
But they really shouldn't bother.

All we have done is exchanged hats;
You on the bottom, me on top...
It's our roles we decided to swap,
Wolf and hedonist on the mats.

Is fine for those who want plain sex;
For us, there is more that affects
Our desire...our proclivity.

Into the other's mind we crawl,
The Dom and his sexual slave;
Then the roles we agree to waive
As we hold each other in thrall.

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