Sunday, May 11, 2014

POETRY—EROTIC: Unlock All of Me

©Unlock All of Me
Mimi Wolske, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

At the sound of your voice,
my breathing deepens;
my chest rises with each
breath I hadn't realized I need.
I shiver with anticipation.

It's late; everyone's in bed.
I hunger for your touch,
fall into your words of lust
and desire mesmerized,
hypnotized to feel only you.

Our foreplay is the most
diabolical and divine,
the filthiest and the purest,
thoughts, emotions...
and even actions.

Exploring our desire with
sexual abandon, we're locked together
and we wrestle with debauchery
and virtue, control and
liberation, logic and absurdity.

I am yours, your Venus in
fur; you're an unstoppable
force, erotically mine, and
determined to hit your mark;
I tremble like a cat.

Unlock all of me—
I'll become the dilettante
of love and sex and of
power is in your passion.

My imagination
corrupted, my blood inflamed,
I tender a crackling fire,
your reflection seen
in flames of red.

Not guided by reason,
our pulses beat faster and
we corrupt each other
to the very fiber
of our loving beings.

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