Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Mimi Wolske, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

Forced to lie in this room as dark as pitch
like an unsinging, single-eyed, caged bird
and wait for the raven and the black wolf,
neither of which I'll find but I will see,
I'm plagued, I fear her threat of revenge;
My nervous system reacts to severe
thoughts from an overactive imagination.

Far away, diamonds, racing away from
a black hole look like falling gypsy stars,
are only a  memory locked away
in my brain of nights before this nightmare,
of love before this invasion of those
beckoning fears and wayward tears falling
into the abyss of souls with love lost.

I open my mouth and a love affair
of words too fast to be understood
escapes and swirls like a smoky fog that
is as amorphous as all our trusting
entanglements and lays selfishness in
a coffin with the bitterness that was
hers and her desire destroy true love.

It is her voice that is vapid, for she
is piety, second-hand morality
offering slight-of-hand tricks, riddles in
a mystery that is concealed in time...
or until the door of the cage is opened,
light fills the room, the raven flies, and the
the wolf's sense of smell is ravenous.

A lightning crack to the head, a paranoid
psychosis becomes illuminating
in horror's now hopelessly overly
zombied and sodomy-phobic painting,
Evil withholds her magic glasses from
the unsinging, single-eyed, caged bird and
the wolf that could wake the sleeping princess.

(Caged by Allison Hill)

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