Friday, May 2, 2014

POETRY - ROMANTIC: Love and Attachment

Love and Attachment
Mimi Wolske, May 2014
All Rights Reserved

There is no doubt in my heart nor my mind;
I feel no jealousy toward women.
I can get envious of time you spend
with anyone who is not me
or any place where I am not with you.
There is nothing negative in my soul.

Life is good and I am optimistic.
No one can tell you about me, my mind,
my heart, or my love—only I know me.
If you think I am like other women,
then throw out your cookie cutter; I'm not.
I don't want compliments; don't tie me down;

We grow together as we learn about
each other, thriving on differences.
You thrill me each time you make another
penetration in my artistic mind.
Our connection is pure pleasure for us;
I like how we complement each other.

What an interesting combination
of passion, friendship, and sexuality
we have been since day one; there has never
been or can I imagine there will be
a dull moment for us and together
we have our most memorable moments.

I openly admit you can't pin me down
or hold me down and I am about as
unpredictable as they come; confess
you love our roller coaster of fun. We
both desire sex and share our creative
abilities in our continuing

Love affair and in our sex life. I love I
can secretly delight you with quirky
improvisations in our bedroom and
that you love showing me how a plan of
action, properly executed, will
give me consistent results of pleasure.

It is, however, our attachment to
each other that is a deep and enduring
emotional bond and it connects us
to each other across time and space.
Love and attachment bind us together
and we fulfill each other's primal needs.

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