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In The Beginning...
Part IV
©Mimi Wolske, March-April 2014
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Help me. The Reptilians have me in a food bank somewhere and I can't find my way out. I send my plea telepathically to every White, but mostly I want my mother to hear it.

I don't believe it's my destiny or that of my peoples, both the Whites and the humans, to be enslaved by the Reptilians or the Greys. Or to be used as their cattle, especially when the real cattle are awake and walking around and living and aware of the Reps and the Greys around them. My people, the Whites, are not aggressive as a race of beings, but I know they will not let members be held without putting up a fight to save them.

My mother, Sirona—this is the closest name in earth languages for the meaning of who she is—sends an army of Whites to rescue me. I despise the Reptilians and it's not because they captured me or because I'm a White.

Reptilians are base creatures who could care less what others beings think or feel. Reps are proportional in size to the humans on this planet. They have snake- and lizard-like skin and eyes. Linda Applestone was half human and she is lucky to have the thin skin of humans to disguise what she is...a Reptoid. All Reptoids, no matter what beings in the universe they are bred from, are highly advanced entities, but they are hostile and dangerous since they regard any other beings as totally inferior.

There's a battle between the Whites rescuing me and the Reptilians stationed at the food bank where I have been stored. I see the entire battle and sense the agony as some of my people are killed. The brutality the Reptilians serve is countered, but not without injuries and deaths. In the end, it's the Reptilians that are extinguished.

Whites don't hug, but hell, I'm half human. I throw my arms around the first of my rescuers and embrace his stiff body; stiff because he senses what I intend and isn't sure how to respond. It's a human way to say "thanks", and more, but the emotion is lost on the White. Sirona's voice telepathically reminds all of us there is still Ren to rescue. I don't need reminding. I haven't forgotten him.

Sirona sees where he is, but only because she can connect to him from my personal attachment to this human. Two rescuer Whites stay behind with me, I have no weapons to defend myself, while the others head for their next battle to save Ren. Above us, the battle between the Reptilians and the Greys continues; all around is the destruction caused by their battle ships being shot down and crashing into the buildings and homes on this planet.

Humans scream in terror and run without purpose or direction. There's no order here; only chaos. Many are injured and dying and no one is willing to stop and help those who need assistance. When we stop to offer assistance, they see only my two rescuers and refuse help; they point fingers and shout insults blaming us and calling us names.

Something about us never before revealed is that we don't need vehicles to travel. We just think about where we want to be and like a beam of light, we are there. More Whites are killed and more are injured in the battle to free Ren. I know before they reach us that the news is not good.

I'm crying. Well, I am half human and it's my prerogative to cry for the loss of a human who loved me but whom I never returned the words.

"He's dead, isn't he?" I think, when they bring in his lifeless body on a cot. It's obvious where the Reps put in a tube to keep him fresh until he became a snack or part of a larger meal. There's blood on that side of his neck that flowed like a river until it dried. I shed some tears, but I can hear my voice and it sounds emotionless, like he dies every day.

Their thoughts meld with my own: "You are safe but do you have injuries?"

"I am fine. How can I repay you for finding him?"

They ignore my question. "We need to return to Sirona and rid this planet of these thoughtless Greys and uncaring Reptilians," one of them says, using telepathy. Everyone's agreement is a pretty watershed moment for what will become history for Earth and its human inhabitants.

"I have a question." Those who are here with me and able to give me a look that says "anything is possible." I know the same from all who are not here with me or even here on this planet.

"Has it ever been done before? Bringing a human back to life?" I think, and they answer affirmatively and in unison.

Sirona adds, "If you had ever bothered to take time to read any of this planet's history from their religious manuals, Morgan, you would know it has been accomplished many times...but not for thousands of years."

"Why is the human so important?" one of the Whites thinks, and I know she does it for all to hear, not me alone.

"Yes, why? There are humans dying all over this planet and no one is asking for them to be brought back to life."

"He is important to Morgan, that's all any of us need know," Sirona thinks and we all hear the decision in her thought. "Morgan, let them handle bringing this Ren to us. You must fly home now. I do not want you injured or captured...again. No; no arguments, Morgan. I mean what I say."

It takes a moment of thought this time, but I think of Sirona and where she is, I become a tiny light, and in seconds I am with her.

Her kingdom is hidden somewhere north of seventy-two degrees north, forty degrees west. Humans have inhabited this area for thousands of years, but beneath the body of water around this land is where she and the Whites of this planet hide and live.

Sirona and I do not embrace. I know I am her daughter; she knows that I know she is my mother. What remains is elemental and sentimentality is unneeded.

"There is a price you must pay to save this human being."


"It is the way. It has always been the way since these beings came to life. There was, there is, and there always will be a price for one of us to pay when a life-saving pleas is made for them. Certainly you do not expect me to hold you higher and beyond our law."

Actually, I never knew about this law. My thoughts spin wildly and I wonder for a second time in the long days of war that have passed if I am willing to give my life to save Ren. "What kind of price?"

"No. Not a life for a life."

Even if I had not been in the same room, I would know that look of victory in her expression.

"You will marry the male I choose."

"What? What kind of law is that? Is it even a law? I think you made it up! If I knew that—"

There may as well have been a victory celebration where everyone could dance...telepathically. My mother is happy to see me dissatisfied. She knows I am trapped. There is no right response for me to offer.

She thinks, "You would still ask for this Ren's life to be returned. Think Morgan. If he remains dead, you will marry who I choose, and if we give him back his life, you will be obligated to marry who I choose."

"So, I lose no matter what I choose, right?"

She turns her back and glides away from me and into a thin forest of trees that have been growing in the underwater colony longer than humans have inhabited the land above.

"If we give him life, you win, daughter. You get what you want. And, our colony on this planet wins because we all get what we want."

"What are you telling me? That everyone wants me to marry a White? Why? I am half human. Why is it you were able to be with the human you wanted and I must mate for life with a White...of your choosing?"

"There will be no more discussion, Morgan. We off you a choice."

I let my unhappiness and anger spill over into my thoughts so every living White will know and feel it. "Some choice! Give up Ren and be unhappy, or give up Ren and we both can be unhappy."

To Be Continued

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