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SHORT STORY: Part III from In The Beginning

In The Beginning...
Part III
©Mimi Wolske, March-April 2014
All Rights Reserved

The first incoming comes at three in the morning—when everyone's asleep. Resonating at a higher frequency than my ears can pick up, I know the humans won't hear the destruction happening on the outskirt of the cities until it's too late. I have only half of my people's sentient abilities sense things going on around me and to blink in and out of existence. I mean, being half human, I have to really concentrate and when my cell is hit, I sense without thinking that I am not the target but I could die if I don't move. I just blink and I'm on the outside looking for safe cover just before the entire Einstein-Hawking's Brain Probe Institute implodes.

I see a human and I wave my arm to get his attention. By the time I realize I'm still suffering Akinetopsia from my probe, a human arm wraps around my waist and pulls me into an opening in the ground. I didn't even see him move.

"Wow, man. I didn't see you coming."

A laser bomb from a Grey's ship hovering about fifty miles away lights the sky and the earth rumbles under my feet. It's like the rumbling experienced from the explosion of earth's volcanoes.

"Morgan; it's me. Ren. You're motion blind, aren't you? How long ago did they probe you?"

"It was pretty soon after I arrived. They didn't waste time." I try to smile but I'm pretty sure it looks more like a grimace. "But, I kept my brain blank. They didn't find out anything from me."

"Good girl."

"Well, that's not exactly true. I did let something leak." I giggle and Ren pulls me down a long tunnel.


"That Appleton has reached her mating season and is ready to breed warriors and that she's a Reptoid, half Reptilian and half human, and that thousands of alien Reptilians will be invading soon to mate with her. Just little things like that." I smile...grimace...again. "Did the lights just flicker?"

Ren gives me the affirmative sign and then holds one finger to his mouth for me to be quiet. Then he gives me a sign of two fingers in the air. What's that mean. I stand still not knowing what to do. He points ahead and again gives me two fingers. Two what? Two aliens? Two humans? Then he's gone.

Damn motion blindness. Did his two fingers mean for the two of us to continue to move forward? If I make any noise, I can compromise our location. But, I'm more afraid of the Greys and their annihilation of this underground hiding place than I am of anyone finding us.

The enigma facing us is the clandestine nature of the underground tunnel. We're without weapons and I more a hindrance than a help since I can't detect movement. I might be motion blind, but I can hear and there is definitely something coming our way. Or, am I sensing it? Ren doesn't seem to be aware of it.

This is a Reptoid/Reptilian camp and military base. Like Appleton, these aliens are evil and want the nutrients and minerals of this planet for themselves. The Greys want the whole damn planet; that's why they're bombing the crap out of make it unlivable for anything but them. They hate us, the Whites, but they hate the Reps more. To them, humans are slave workers that can live or die. They don't care. Both the Reps and the Greys want a radical depopulation of this planet.

There's a monstrous flash of light only feet away from Ren and then a ten-foot robot rounds a corner carrying a dated laser weapon. I guess the brightness comes from muzzle flash since it seems to light everything in the tunnel from Ren passed the robot...and makes Ren vanish for a moment. Ren screams and I know, I just know, he feels that ice-pick jab in his ears; and then he covers his eyes... then his ears... then his eyes and I can't tell if he does it more than once or twice since time and movement seem to stand still with motion blindness.

I reached him and snatched him backwards a nano second before another blast from that antique laser shooter and I wanted to scream with Ren this time. I ran toward the opening, the hole in the ground he's pulled me through but I wasn't fast enough to avoid the rain of dust and cement from where the laser hit the wall. The wall collapsed and the ceiling was sending bullets of steel-reinforced cement down on everything. Caught in the downpour, the robot falls, but not before releasing his trigger finger, so he blasts the ceiling near us. The floor below him and his laser is flashing much to brightly.

I can sense the fear in Ren as he lets me lead him to safety. He says, "Why is the floor flickering?"

A tearing, deafening pain rips through my brain. I release Ren. Both fists fly to my temples and I fall to my knees on the floor in excruciating pain. Ren likes these strange things called balloons and when I see him waltzing to and fro, twirling in the air, I have a weird sensation I've just popped him like a balloon. I try and wrap my brain around that and suddenly everything goes black.

~ ~ ~

I am awakened by a strange noise and instead of my bed, I find myself underwater. I look up to find an undulating waterscape of reds and blacks and greens. The Reps have me in one of their banks as future food. I remember those finger traps Applestone had my twelve digits trapped in and I'm thankful Ren knew how to release them.


Humans can't breathe under water. Did they already devour him or put him in one of their food banks? My head feels like it's wrapped in heavy wool and I move in slow motion through the murky water, my movement destroying the earlier waterscape. My head hits against something mushy hard and my world swims again. And dims. For the first time in years, I let my antennae ascend and my mind open so my thoughts can stretch and reach my mother, my people. I need help.

Morgan's mother and her people
To Be Continued

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