Wednesday, March 19, 2014

POETRY - EROTIC: Spiked Heels and Cowboy Boots

Spiked Heels and Cowboy Boots
©Mona Arizona, March 2014
All Rights Reserved

We go the distance;
A ride that takes us
From front to front to
Time and places switched,
Pussy teasing wag.
I was the wearer
Of the cowboy boots
The first time we met.
Now I'm bound in spikes
And you wear the boots.
We close the distance—
Wisecrack of our joy
Butted against the
Naked truth of lust—
Not fully exposed
To the road's voyeurs.

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  1. I wonder if the time and places being switched runs both ways? Did the rider the first time wear spikes to your boots and has now switched to boots to your spikes?

    1. I JUST saw your comment...and it made me grin...