Thursday, March 20, 2014


Painting You
Would be more fun if you were lying naked on a
Chaise and not from a photograph or my memory, or
Of you pulling into my garage and turning off the key,
Of you sitting across from me at the table as we have a staring contest,
Of you prone on my bed making those groans as I massage your back,
Of you looking down at me while I'm moaning on my back.

Watching you lounging on that small bed at the lake
And being happy and at peace, I want to kiss you. so
I can absorb more of the feeling of contentment you exude. I
Suddenly wonder why in the world we can't stay.

There are no paintings hanging on the walls, but that's okay;
I'd rather look at you than any portrait in the whole world.

Surprising is the blue-and-white striped nautical
Feeling from the couch and the bookcase of unread
Words that acted as voyeurs as you bent me over the
Back of that cottage sofa before we even unpacked.

As often as the temperatures of Spring change,
We drift back and forth between the freezing
North and the heat of the south looking
At each other through our spectacles of love.

©Mimi Wolske, March 2014
All Rights Reserved

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