Friday, March 21, 2014


Hearts Ache
because you can't cut out the
pain of another's heart...

I've never attended a
Bitchelor Party in my life;
I guess that's obvious.
My daddy told me once
nice people get walked on...
hell! I think someone is
actually wiping their dirty feet on me!
Anyway, I would have hung myself
From my shower curtain before—
Okay, let me say this:
I'd rather lay a bet on
Charlie Sheen leading a
Sunday School class
than wager attendees at such a
soiree would be up to any good.

Sarcastic? Irreverent?
Surely you do not expect me to
surpass my capacity for responsibility,
a responsibility that is to myself first
and to my loved ones second...
maybe there's no responsibility to the second.

Let me cut off this sleeve because
this is not about me but
those whose hearts have a hole
smack dab in the center and who
find enjoyment...laughter...
at the expense of others—
talking about and laughing at
a person behind her / his back
while everywhere love is breathing
heavily like a draft at their doors.

Agony grows up like a cancer
from their hearts to their brains
and the wearers throw out daggers
to arrest the victim with
their disease of aching hearts.

Honestly, don't you just
want to give them your best
Nanny-Nanny-Boo-Boo face?
Childish? Okay, but I certainly
feel their childish actions
deserve equal immature reactions.

©Mimi Wolske, March 2014
All Rights Reserved

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