Thursday, March 20, 2014

POETRY - EROTIC: Dancing, Just Before The Storm Breaks,

Dancing, Just Before The Storm Breaks,
With you in that special
pinkish-grey quality of light
where patches of bright,
cool light cut through
darker, muddier illumination,
the aroma of the coming rain
hangs lightly like a mist
in the air, I anticipate
the first clap of thunder.
Lightning becomes our only
electricity, candles
our only light soliciting
us to continue the tango.

Wax melts, wicks tender
flickering flames with massive
achromatic chords as our
stuttering melody proceeds
not by slow layers but
expressive, successive, rapid
notes like fingers that seem to be
Saying, or writing something
Halfway down our spines.

Delicious tension increases
sweeping the clouds aside
so that soft place between
dancing scrotum and anus
where you linger in what
seems like the ancient
entranceway sealed over
by time permits no release
until the storm subsides
as if a switch was thrown
and the frantic fugato rhythms
Slow to a steady rise and fall.

Everything is liquid and
aromatic—yes, you can smell
again—and you are gripped
at the root by those powerful
contracting pulses...more felt than
seen or heard yet echoes in
plangent cadences from
dissipating clouds above.

Acquiring textures of
luminous clarity, you appreciate
I can take you to the brink
again and again, your entire
focus surges toward the end of
your throbbing organ and the
storm's tremendous pressure
reaches your head and chest and
you can hear a fast-approaching
climax of whooping horns ready
to blow. You stiffen. The air tightens.
The tornadic winds and 
torrential are unleashed.

©Mimi Wolske, March 2014
All Rights Reserved 

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