Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mimi-Mona Romantic Poetry: Lovers Reuniting, Reuniting, Reuniting

©Lovers Reuniting, Reuniting, Reuniting
Mimi Wolske
Mimi Wolske-Mona Arizona™
September 2014
All Rights Reserved

I wake to find you curled around my heart
your fingerprints and name written across it;
unable to drown you in my morning coffee
I stumble over words to describe our nights,
our afternoons, the way you make me pant
waking me in the middle of the night
hot with desire and want, the way
I scream when you make me come
in the morning as we share our shower.
We laugh and play and strain while
you pull me close to you no matter
how far away I stray, but never with
intentions of truly getting away from you.

I'm no shoeless prophet in some vast,
desolate, empty desert and, yes, I have
walked the fertile soil and sand of
your whispers. The temptation of
the thought of your tongue sends
shivers down my spine as I continue
thinking about how, when friends
ask me about my holiday, I'll smile
and secret my memories. Nostalgia
carries me through the days and nights.
There's a picture in my mind from an old movie—
it's of lovers reuniting —I see you and me
because that's what we remain,
reuniting lovers and, while you're away,
you endure curled around my heart.

You fulfill my longing for
every inch of my skin to by kissed
by your mouth, those mobile lips.
My mind bends at the realization
you have led me to believe... that
all those years building a fortress to
keep you out were in vain. You see
my crocodile tears, the ones I
intended to hide, and you are
confident of my love and the truth
that you continue curled around my heart.
You overwhelm me with love and
thoughtfulness and long-stemmed roses
when we are together; when we are apart,
I shred the shroud of your departure
to guarantee you will return and
we may continue reuniting as lovers.

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