Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mimi-Mona's POETRY - ROMANTIC: Shrouding Us in Moonlit Darkness

©Shrouding Us in Moonlit Darkness
Mimi Wolske, May 2014
Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona™
All Rights Reserved

Wind whistled through the caverns
of the canyon, the warm breeze
whirling dust speedily across
the floor and abrading the rock
layers of the canyon walls.

"Damn," I whispered, and wiped
away the rancid perspiration
dripping from my face and from
under my arms with a second,
already-soaked-in-sweat bandanna.

I wrung the kerchief and tucked
it into my pocked with the
folded envelope that enclosed
the letter from you, the one
waiting for my overdue reply.

My boots crunched over the
dry earth, the wind rasped in
my ears, and I saw little at the
horizon through the dust as bits
of rocks bit at my neck and face.

In my kaleidoscope memory
is where you come back to
me and those feelings that
hitched a ride with you, it's
those feelings I'll always have.

I placed one foot in front of
the other and thought—wondered—
how the devil could place handsome
you with your crooked angel smile
in my path if it wasn't right.

You always take a step back
when I fall apart and gaze
into my eyes before you take
me in your arms; do you
see the love in my eyes?

You've taken me places I
never knew existed; should have
known you were trouble from
the beginning but, like
they say, love is blind.

Remember when you flipped
the light switch by the door
shrouding us in moonlit darkness
and I measured your every
move with a lover's desire?

"Damn!" I said aloud, and kicked
the dirt with the toe of my boot;
I fell into your life as if you
were my sovereign, a ruler of
my heart...in time, you were; actually,

From the first night when you
conquered and claimed me and
called my your own until
your request for an answer to
the only question that mattered.

I pulled the bandanna again and,
unknown by me, the envelope
fell to the hard, dry ground...
I wondered if you would be happy
I decided to come see you rather than write.

(painting: Artist unknown, Lovers Under The Desert Sky, 1920s)

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