Friday, April 11, 2014

POETRY - ROMANTIC: This Is Not Californication

This Is Not Californication
Mimi Wolske, April 2014
All Rights Reserved

Every time we meet
I want you off your feet
I wanna touch your skin
Kiss your lips...kiss them again
I wanna hold your hand
Feel your silky hair and...
And then he added Baby
I am there, oh, Baby
Tonight you'll get the last
Semen doesn't come so fast
Baby, you're so naked
And trembling sated,
sighing, and smiling, too
I'm giving all to you

Talk dirty to me sweet
You've swept me off my feet
You've pushed me to my back
You're my aphrodisiac
And I told him You're hot
So give me all you've got
Such a tiny pressure
But taken in measure
It's our love on a wing
And it's stimulating
Then he said Oh Darlin'
You are veneration
What's the hullabaloo
My affection's for you

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