Tuesday, March 25, 2014

POETRY - ROMANTIC: But for Fortuity

But for Fortuity
we'd be continuing our separate lives
together on opposite sides of the forty-ninth parallel
never knowing the other breathes or plays
discriminating traveler in the political
differences across the invisible border.
Fun-loving but serious lovers in an
unparodistic affair, we present far-
flung artistic flesh montages with our
acrobatics and become romanticized performers
challenging those ethical norms with our didactics.
We encourage the hedonistic behavior previously
repressed and disruptive as opposed to that
conventionally acceptable and accepted.
Now that we are together, let our
manifesto be to transvalue
some of the antiquated—
wait! Do we really care if anybody gets it?

©Mimi Wolske, March 2014
All Rights Reserved

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