Saturday, February 1, 2014


The other day, a few days back before MAJOR HEADACHE day, BEAST and I visited a friend who used to have a sheep ranch and some horses. For those new here (oh, I really hope there are some new faces in the crowd), BEAST is not my husband or even my boyfriend. IF you know me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know BEAST is part of my regular posts.  


(He's Always Making New Friends)

(not really BEAST on the horse, but the statement about him always making new friends is true and now you have an idea of who he is when I talk about him)

Ever since then, he turns his nose up at his lamb-and-sweet-poato stew. I tried remembering if maybe it made him ill one time...but he's always chowed down and hasn't "sicked up" even once.  Do you think some animals can recognize other animals as their food and refuse to participate?

BTW, "sick up" is what my kids called puking...I would tell them they were sick and to stay in bed...the first time I heard one of them complain "Mom, I sicked up", I thought, yes, that's exactly what we do.

I thought back to the things I used to love to eat as a kid and not many of them have remained my favorites. So, maybe it isn't strange for BEAST to turn away from something he used to eat enthusiastically. But, I still wonder...wouldn't you?

I ruled out illness and then I thought about how I knew my kids were ill or faking and decided to ask myself the same questions about BEAST. I paid extra special attention to his actions and activities the next few day. Was he drinking normally? Eliminating? Was his activity level normal (and, for a bully, that's low) and did his sleep schedule seem unchanged? He hasn't eaten any picnic benches or catcher's mitts or window casings since he was a pup, so it can't be that.

He's down to his Chicken- and Duck-and-sweet-potato stews now...he still scarfs those down. 

Mental Note:  Do Not Take Beast To Chicken Farms or Water Where Ducks Might Be Just In Case...


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