Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Unraveling the Threads
©Mimi Wolske, January 2014
All Rights Reserved

(art by Christian Rex van Minnen)

Unraveling the threads
of pain exploding
in my brain,
I moved in
Of the sentence.
It had to be stress;
I mean, I was so effing
Bored out of my mind...
Nothing was real,
Nothing wass fake;
If it was
Then maybe I'd have
Been a little interested.
I walked by a
Motel room; the
curtains were open.
I looked in the window.
Seven people were
In bed and
Five were
Participating in
The couple's sexual
Activity and in the
Acclivity of her breasts
As seen from beneath
By the man and
The five people.
I wondered if they
Were the baggage
We all bring with
Us into relationships.
Maps scatter lives in
Indigo veils but cannot
the emotional intellect.
Murmurs, light, red paint
organized, I list all my
Pencils that have erasers,
Let friends hide
Behind clouds,
every move of my lover,
Obfuscate my fantasies,
Unravel more threads.

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