Tuesday, January 28, 2014

POETRY: Reboot, Resurge, Resume

Reboot, Resurge, Resume
©Mimi Wolske, January 2014
All Rights Reserved

This is not a platonic space;
We coalesce playfully,
With fun and love and lust,
While the colony of social
Acquaintances waits for us
To succumb to their
Malevolent persuasion.
Redacting our lives
Seems to be their agenda; our
Bewildered eyes inevitably
Collide with poisoned darts
And mendaciously iced cake.
We groan again but never cede
The fight, never yield to their lies
Manufactured out of whole cloth.
Are they astonished, surprised
When we reboot, resurge, resume
Our grinding intimacy stumbling
Back into our room of congress,
Back to our devoted relationship,
Back to our metronome of
Dancing bodies on a headboard
Banging, incorporated bed of
Two that makes savage of
This passionate space
And rejects all but us?
Entangled limbs and
Sweating bodies love and
Trust knowing eventually
No one will see us because
Their minds can never
Transcend the phenomena
Of our love.

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