Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You Left Me Your Spartacus Kiss

Arguments about erotic love poetry can often be distorted to serve the moral or psychological ends of the readers and the authors of such poetry can be lampooned. But, not all authors of erotic and erotic love poetry write accounts of human sexual relationships in explicit language or write with the intention to arouse the reader sexually. Such poetry used to be called pornographic. This is not a pornographic poem; it is erotic. While straightforward, images from the words are to be interpreted by the reader and each reader's interpretation is personal.

©You Left Me Your Spartacus Kiss

So, isn’t it funny? I found them
at this late date... you left your words
all over me. I’d grown accustom
to them sinking letter by absurd
letter into my skin like some tattoo
I would never be able to erase.
Not as if each word whispered by you
belonged there. That wasn’t the case.
Truth is that pieces of you found
their place in my open, waiting veins;
they flowed to my heart, and were bound
until nothing real about you remains.

Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

(painting by Malcolm Liepke)