Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mimi - Mona Poetry: The Seeing Eye of Truth

Everybody lies.

That’s what research suggests. However, criminal liars act pre-emptively; e.g., they will contact the police or, after being questioned, may contact their victims or victims’ families. When questioned by the authorities, they don’t give simple “yes” or “no” responses to questions as an innocent person will. They provide too many details and lie about the small things. They will refer to their victims (if murdered or injured) in the past tense. When asked direct questions, they will try to stall by saying, “huh?” or “what do you mean?”. And, they helpfully offer other explanations, e.g., they saw another person or suggest another person hoping it will throw of the authorities. They will even suggest an innocent party committed the crime.

©The Seeing Eye of Truth
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

Fragmented lies without foundation
bleeding a dark pigment of discontent;
conscious-stricken, I’m shushed,
I am commanded to hush;
speculating whether I will
shoot down their returning rising star—
No. Never have, will not now.
Accusation demanded— refused.
The evil that split this small world
manipulates, accuses, lies; the
star allowed to return
proffers the attacked false alibis and
crosses fingers behind his back
as he stands puffed self-righteously
like the billowing sail of an
oaken vessel pirating night skies.
Creators of words, songs, and movies
are labeled liars breathing life into
fantastic tales invented and shared.
Stop. We are the truth sinners,
not those with limited self-esteem,
those who eschew the arts and truth,
those who press labels across producers of
honest and sincere bodies of works;
not the hypocritical deceivers and
who deviously and jealously
slip in between the dusty blind slats
to covertly ambush and disorient
the color schemes of those with
the Seeing Eye of Truth.

(art: the_all_seeing_eye_by_killingspr)


  1. Love the rhythm and the narrative - this piece has something to say concerning the ubiquitous lie. Something I am fascinated by - do lies undermine relationships, or are they merely a social lubricant - of course there are all kinds of lies and you pretty much have them covered. Great write - great presentation.

    1. thank you JJ; you're compliment is very much appreciated.
      I am interested in liars, manipulators,and the reasons for the lies.
      thanks again