Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mimi - Mona Erotic Poetry: oh, how he loves me

have been away on a much needed vacation but did a little work even while I was having fun...which reminds me. I tried on a new dress, stepped outside the curtained dressing area, looked in the mirror, then said, "You know, there's just no way to make this look hot." To which he replied, "I think you could pull off pudding if you wore it." And, so I wrote...

©oh, how he loves me
Mona Arizona
All Rights Reserved

oh, how he loves me
with his knife to my throat
begging for promises
that I’d never leave
that I’d always stay

oh, how he loves me
with failed advances
and failed attempts
to unbutton his jeans
to unzip mine

oh, how he loves me
to wear a mask
to dress up for a role
to let him in the back door
when the front was open

oh, how he loves me
chained to the railing
of the basement stairs
or pinned to the wall
or bound in the moving train

oh, how he loves me
to blow his mind
and trap me between
his quivering thighs
suffocating my sighs

oh, how he loves me
through the laughs
and the madness
and eccentricities
of my crazy love bites

oh, how he continues to love me
day after day after day after—

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