Friday, September 11, 2015

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Would It Be Outrageous To Say—

True romance can be achieved even if, somehow, you're the only one who knows; you've just got to dance the dance even though the lie takes a lot less time, and the clean coming will hurt...especially when you're eating breakfast at the heartbreak hotel where there's dirt beneath the dirt. Where's your hiding place?

©Would It Be Outrageous To Say—
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

At the beer-ring stained bar
beneath the odoriferous,
cigarette-stained ceiling,
Lucinda Magenta’s broad ass
hugged and balanced on
the three-legged,
wooden bar stool,
her smoke rings wreathing
her head on their way up;
life was complicated.

Max Zwack, the twenty-something
high-school loser had
dropped out, started
his own band, and drunkenly
swigged from the only bottle of
dollar Macallan, 1946,
in existence; it’d make
his daddy proud...
life was complicated.

The gold rush was over
and it became everybody’s joke, so
saying it didn’t change the way
it was when your jig-saw girl
waltzed away leaving you watching
and realizing her love was
no longer in bloom, and your
ending didn’t sound like
the happiest around; admit it—
life was complicated.

Never look up and never
look ‘em in the eyes
was the only sober
piece of advice from
the voice in your head,
and you knew how long
you’d been waiting and
what you had been through
while you were high on life,
life was complicated.

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