Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mimi - Mona Poetry: Cruel Intentions

“People who judge others tell more about Who They Are, than Who They Judge.” ― Donald L. Hicks, Look into the stillness

“Don't be too busy judging others that you forget to attend to your personal flaws.” ― Edmond Mbiaka

©Cruel Intentions
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved

S/He failed to follow their frail, hard hearts
into the fallow, unhallowed ground.

The insecure, obscure,
insincere souls,
poisoned by their
self-appointed and shared
sense of injustice
and the sheer unfairness
of their invisibility,
chose to leave their mark
in the form of a wound
and a lasting scar.

Intent? To blame the innocent
of untrue offenses.

Mothers warned their children
that most accusers
lay the blame on someone else
when it is they themselves
who have done said crime
—will do it again
(to others before
it is done to them)
so they can experience
self-righteous justification.

The purpose of such
furor (of what Bellow,
after Wyndham Lewis,
called the Moronic Inferno)?

That through their
judgement without
evidence and without
questions to accused,
the innocent,
the unsuspecting victim
 should feel
like a war criminal
and find himself,
or herself,
pilloried before going up
in shameful ashes,
to disappear,
and to be shunned by all
after their all-out
—public attack
on his/her character and words.

Sorry, kin and kindred.
S/He doesn’t.
Acquaintances are more
faithful than you.

The character and words
in question need no
defending to the intentional
misreading by the malicious
who chose sealed doors
to their social media war room,
that excluded their victim,
for their private plans and plots
to shroud unsuspecting friends
with their bitterness and lies.

Depressing is the knowledge
their complaints are
vexatious and
faite de mauvaise foi;
they are too much
in a conspiratorial climax
to see the trees in
the painting of the forest.

And, too, a continued
ironic spectacle from those
once considered intelligent...
they still take hostage
those considered his/her friends
and acquaintances,
and continue
to take up their
contemptuous poison
ensuring their attacks
are hidden from the innocent.

Beware all who happily share
your joy and possessions
freely and without expectations.
There will be repercussions
from those close but whom
are unable to see it is
their own discontent.

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