Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mimi-Mona Poetry: I Long to See

©I Long to See
Mimi Wolske
All Rights Reserved
December 2014
Mimi Wolske - Mona Arizona

When I open my eyes,
I look over
at your pillow
and dream you are there
next to me
Yes, you are far away
but there's something I know...
you will always
be near me
My eyelids fall,
I go back to sleep
and dream you are there
next to me
It's so easy to sleep
dreaming of you and
imagining you are there
near to me
In the cold morning
I look around
and I can see
you're not next to me
Tears are forced from
my eyes waiting
for you to come back
back to me
And I fall asleep
praying you'll hurry
home, knowing you're coming
back to me
That it's all a dream
I'm been imagining,
you will always be
near to me
But I feel the tears
and the ache in my heart
I keep hoping you're not
far from me
A silent promise
passes over my lips
I'll be here until you come
back to me
Then morning comes again
I open eyes and fear
you might still be
far from me
I long to see
if my imagination
played tricks and you're here
next to me
I long to see
I long to see-ee
that you're still here
next to me