Monday, September 8, 2014

Mimi-Mona Poetry: Lamenting for My Love

©Lamenting for My Love
Mimi Wolske
Mimi Wolske-Mona Arizona™
September 6, 2014
All Rights Reserved

He had no cage to dance around
Until the hands of the clock aligned
My heart always leaped in
His cardinal direction
Falling asleep and waking
The same time as he
Did I fall into his dreams on
The nights he fell into mine
Did he whisper once
This is not my home
But I will stay as long as I can
Was his suffering worse
Than his dying
He never complained

Tears choked me
Constricted my larynx
My lungs
My heart
Until the pain became so
A silent scream edged through my sobs
I curled my fingers through his fur
His pain wreaked havoc with my soul
I was voiceless next to his moans
My heart rent at our silent good-bye
As his eyes closed
His body relaxed
His last breath
He looked just like he did
When he was
A puppy.

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