Monday, August 25, 2014

MIMI AND MONA'S POETRY: Faster Than The Speed of Dark

a reading of Faster Than The Speed of Dark

©Faster Than the Speed of Dark

Mimi Wolske

All Rights Reserved!

What if the fabric of this
Dimension folded just enough
To permit you to move in bliss
Faster than speed of light—puff!

So quickly no one saw
You move into the fourth
Dimension, where you stop—voila!
The neighboring positions…orth-.

Protons traversing the realm
Of darkness faster than
Previously thought. It would whelm
A self-important scientific clan.

With the Pillars of Physics
Struggling not to Fall
Across the universe’s fabrics
In spite of it all,

Faster than the speed of dark
That shadowy crack,
That bore a different kind of ark
Dimensional zooming in the black,

Ran down the middle of a life
Bringing the future so close
It kept folding and the echo is rife
With fear of what one never knows.

The number, far between
And few in this third dimension,
Will witness those who glean
Like harvesters for the fourth dimension.

The echo is you resonating through
And beyond length, height, and width,
From the pitch black depths most eschew,
Flickering like an astrophysical being with breadth.

Felt in the eyelids is the weight
Of encroaching darkness,
Which is veiled for a reason; chelae
Cutting through the difference causing bleakness.

The difference that brings
Me to you in the fourth dimension
Faster than the speed of dark like changelings

From another dimension.

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